Hormonal Mares!

Today I braved attempting to drag my elderly TB in for the farrier. She has spent the last few days at the fence trying to entice the neighbours gelding to jump over and shag her. I have never seen such a strumpet!

After nearly ending up on the deck twice and suffering rope burn, we were nearly at the gate when she decided to go for the grand finale (think old westerns and stunt horses waving their hooves in the air when they see a baddy). At this point I started yelling for James as I needed some muscle.

He came at a gallop (ha ha) and we got her in and tied up. She then decided to try the old leaping in the air in order to get foot in haynet trick followed by jumping the fence from a standstill trick.

Did the farrier turn up?


Did James suggest I buy a quad bike instead?


Am I considering it?

Watch this space…

Hi Muriel

I’d be interested (am horseless but am working on husband). My 15 year old daughter would love to do this - we are in the Charente and in Bordeaux (missed you at the show then!). Would you email me or ring me with the details, 09 53 31 40 94/ nola.denis@gmail.com

Sorry Helen
rereading my message, I have said " I can do it for free".
I am ever so sorry but it isn’t true(even if it’s my deepest wish). I don’t think I ask much around 450 TTC (+/-)
that means the livery of the pony included.and also it means 7 days all meals included.

That is the case for 2 people sharing a large room but it they should me more like 6 girls the price can drop to 190 € per person horse included.Either a pony at livery of having one of my horses and tuitions and everything included.
You surely understand I have so much expenses (to pay my headgroom/teacher, the responsible lady of the EARL and more than anything the awful big taxes as I do everything official
and also feeding the horses and my interests at the bank.

To be completely honest is more than a very decent price and would ask you to mention to everybody it’s a very special offer.

Forgive me I would be so happy to be rich enough or to have a sponsor and to be able to offer it for free !!! I am not a money person and that was my ruin when i had to deal (since 2008) with builders and contractors. that’s why I decided to have a responsable lady who deals very well with the organisation and daily routine and is a wonderful bookkeeper and loves horses (she has Camargue horses)

Muriel the stupid one


Hey Helen, I wouldn’t mind to go that far. But maybe we can organise with 2 more young girls so I would take a proper horseboxe of 3 horses and (I have my HGV licence) and would just ask for petrol expenses.

To be honnest my dream would be to have a little troup of nice young ones of more or less 6 people. Jill is used to lead and more than anything teach young ones. She has done it for 3 years before
going back to UK for family commitments. Jill herself competes with her own horse (a Holstein showjumper ) and anyway I have
1 thoroughbred ( 5 years ) 1 anglo (6 years) 1 ISH ( 7 years)
1 Irish hunter (geant) 13 years 2 arab mares ( 10 years) and 1 trotting mare 6 y a bit of a ferrari that one .

But I know nothing can be better than working with your own horse
Believe me I do it more by conviction than commercial.
My dream as probably said before would be to have a lovely team dedicated and go low level eventing or Hunter seat.

And the parents coming along as supporting team I hope !!! All
nationality welcome as long as they’re mad of horses.

I even heard I perhaps could (durint winter season join with my friends a hunting pack near Agen !!!that sounds great To be confirmed but I think should be Ok )

Just if you could see with Catharine Higginson if they would be more young or not so young ones interested.

I can do it for free to there in a minimum I ask for the meals and washing of the close and the livery of the ponies.

But in all honesty is more a dream I am trying to fulfil than anything else.

Looking forward to hear from you and Cat. (she is going to call very soon)

Please send me pictures of you, your daughter(s) your family (I have no kinds couldn’t get pregnant even with the possible treatments but I have a foster daughter of 20 and she will be there beginning of July. Her name is Sandra and she can speak some English and is more than willing to learn more. She is a good rider and mad about horses. She lives in Belgium where she has her own old crabbet mare of 24 y. !!!

Go on Facebook page MURIEL HEEREBOUT or the other page MANOIR DE CAUMONT and should be a picture of her on my wall as she was asking people to vote for her picture in the frame of a quizz for

Hope to meet you soon. I also intend to give cool funny tuition in the evening about different experiences I have had with horses.
and some DVD as well. but there will also be a big inflatable swimming pool (can’t afford to have one to be build for this year)
and VTT montain bike and etc… and if requested may give French lessons . I am open to anything…I am dead scared about starting the project. I am so full of good will.

Don’t forget to send me pictures


The first picture attached is NOT one of my horse. It’s a horse coming straight from the racetrack and needing to be put back in good health and even more …do you know she was in foal…

It’s taken me 5 months to get her into a decent state and when she was back in a good shape the owner came and pick her up to send her to a friend where he should pay anything as it was then spring time and the mare ( heavily in foal by then) would go day and night outside (it was april only !!!) and cost nothing no special supplement for infoals ect… at least I’ve heard that sh’d a beautiful baby and I think she is back to racing…

The 2 thorougbreds I have are horses I bought as I didn’t want them to go racing agin for one and to the slaughter for the other.

I stop there. I think racing world is a bit a special world…

the last picture is my beloved Sanda (foster daughter)

Byyyyyyyyye Muriel

Muriel that all sounds great - but I’m not near Pau at all, much further north, between Libourne and Bergerac…according to Google maps abut 2 1/2 hours drive (without the trailer!)

If I ever get a tow vehicle (no money at the moment) I’d love to come down and do something at your place. We are organising a little TREC type competition here in September, just an informal thing for some friends who don’t have transport, will put details on here nearer the time…

Sure we can organise something between us! Muriel will email you tomorrow - today has been a long day - off to bed now! x

Hey Helen,

I could get organised for the transport My old Rangies is still a good girl and cant tow my trailer . I think your are near Pau, Im near Nogaro (on the right side of Aire sur l’Adour (not far from you surely)and I could pick up Cat’s mare if needed. I’m planning to buy my own horseboxe but only around september. tight budget …

Why not try to have 2 more teenagers they would still enjoy it even more.
My head groom is a grown up lady used to deal with kids (she’s 43 and has the BHSAI ) and specialised in show jumping and eventing easy level.

Now Helen you are givign me a idea . Why not organise a trec training on my premises I have a crosscountry track without any fence yet . And yesterday someone told me that you can even organise trec competition without the orientation part (what i am so bad at) I could be great fun !!!and then a wonderful BBQ for the competitors and their family afterwards.

I am already 57 y myself and don’t wish to take any stupid risk. Do you know about Jumpcross that’s also something very exicting without any danger . Normal fence (2 foot ) on a cross country track with plastic poole. When you knocked it down 4 pts penalty so very technical and completely safe.

When I’ll have my 4 horseboxe it’ll be even easier as like a schoolbus I could pick up the horses at different places just asking for the petrol .

Let the word and the ideas spread al around horsey people in midi pyrenées and the landes.

My place/breeding stud will be categorised as a COACHING/breeding/backing place so no reproach from any riding Center and I will see how to be ok for the insurances.

The ideal would be a group of 4 . they will 2 bedrooms en suite with the bath rooms. and own telly but only when horses are finished (babies inside with the mummies all the water buckets checked give a kiss to the 16 horses all the headcollars at the right place and food for the next morning ready. Exactly how things are done in any ponyclub I have been to
either in Belgium or UK. then a nice bigh spaghetti or BBQ relax talking horses and then to bed .

Hope you like the idea . Any criticism most welcome . I am dead anxious to start it . So I need everybody support…

Thanky you and looking forward to hear from you

XX Muriel

Sounds like a great idea, whereabouts are you exactly? My daughter would love to do something like that (I do a bit of dressage & TREC but am not really into jumping). Problem for us is transport, I have a trailer but no car capable of towing it!

Just left a comment on your page but in any case, just to say am really looking forward to seeing you on Wed! And obviously WOW!!! What a generous offer regarding the stallion. I’m amazed and appreciative. Let’s chat about this when we meet? Cxx

Sorry …

I’d have started my post with a nice Hellooooooo Cathy or Cat or …

Just forget to be polite ! please add it on the top of my previous message I’ll fell much better.

<3 Mu

I have my stallion (international champion in hand pure bred arab )who will stay in France summer time (He is a rather nice looking horse - the Reserve Championship yersterday at the Arabians Euromasters of Bordeaux international - but more than anything he’s got the size should be around
15.3 hh and scopey moves like a airplane)
I am more than happy to offer a free covering. The only thing is he might be sold in the meantime as he goes to big Purebred arabian championship of the Arabians and Mediterranean countries at MENTON (French Riviera) and should be any chance be placed (I doubt it- All the sheiks will be there with the unpayable stallions -they send them to the place with their own private jet specially adapted to transport the horses …no comments …) I don’t feel completly a the right place between Al MAkthoum and Prince Jassim al Thani of Quatar…

But to be able by pure luck to know it Once in a lifetime it’s funny…

That’s why I have to sell him . I cann’t send my horses with my own learjet yet …

Sorry , have been longer than I wanted

I also have his son coming two years and I am allowed to cover with him

So again I should be able to organise a covering (legal to have Anglo or Half arabian papers for the baby.

Then you sell the baby and it brings you some money.

I wouldn’t say I am prepared to do that for everybody. Only for the people I like and for special cases.

I am in Bordeaux today. Be back on monday (I am dead when you visit the big agricultural fair of Aquitaine is like “long distance” for horses !!
I am knackered (think to be a bit rude) Don’t tell my Mumm she’d go mad to know I speak like that.

Next Wednesday is fine . But I’ll confirm it just in case there is something I’d have forgotten .

Do look forward to sea you …

Muriel the Horsemad old girl

Agricultural fair

Be my guest anyway

I do look forward to see you

Dear Muriel

I would love to but sadly we just don’t have the money or facilities. She has already had two super foals (before I had her) and is 7/8 TB out of an HIS stallion. I am sure the other 8th is labrador (dog) as she is the cuddliest horse ever. If I go and sit in the field she will come over, sit down and put her head in my lap. So I would love baby of Brownie but we just can’t :frowning:

I’d love to come over and chat about your idea - I will bring my jumping mad 14 year old with me. I’d like to find her a working pupil type set up for a week in the summer where she could have some instruction in return for working too as I 100% agree with you about (the vast majority) of French pony clubs. When would suit you? How about a Wed afternoon?


Why don’t you cover her with a nice purebred arabian . At least you’d get a nice Anglo (this British way 50 % arab 50% thorougbred ) and you can always sell the baby at weaning if asking very reasonable . It’s up to you to decide which decent person you sell him/her to . And with some luck the new owner will be a potential new friend for you and with whom you can share a new commun interest ?

horseley yours


You’re most welcome to call at anytime just make a quick call to make sure I am around.

mobile 06 64 81 20 71

Manor line 05 62095973 (but that means French lady answering and just ask for Muriel) let the word spread into the group of Horses lovers

I definetely want to start a team of riding people (British preferred or Dutch)
to produce a nice team to go eventing low level . We can get organised I have my horsebox soon and maybe a trailer . I would just ask for the petrol if we go together to competitions There more more “Club” eventing could be so much fun and no danger and also be a deep interest for the British youngsters no even able to learn properly to ride. I have a English BHAI II who can give lessons (i AM NOT COMMERCIAL AND SURELY would do it to make a move for riding and horseypeople. The kids CANNOT learn anything in the French poney club !!!

I don’t critisice France it’s just they aren’t born with a foal in their pram.
And never will be. Their are outstanding about food wine climat lovely country
we cannot expect everything . Horsmanship is something you’re born with …

Of course she was as good as gold today so no need for twitch…

I have the same problem with the wife every time she sees take that

Don’t - Stu will get all unnecessary - he is from t’ north after all…

Lol - am now making large twitch as farrier phoned and we have re-match tomorrow.
If I never post again you will know what has happened (James used the twitch on me and have become “good” wife)

No way! James would deliberately maim her, point out she was no longer fit for use and have her in the freezer in steak form faster than you could say hormonal mare… :slight_smile: