Horse adoption

Hi all,

I'm a newbie to this site but so far have gleaned a wealth of information from your posts.

My OH and I are moving out January 2014, and I will have plenty of room for horses. I have had them all my life in the UK, tho' I am 'horseless' atm. Rather than buy equines I understand that there are a lot of rescued/unwanted horses and ponies in France, and I would rather save some from the meat factory if I could.

Has anybody else done this, and could anybody give me any advice or information on this issue?

I would be grateful for any help.

Hi sue , we are moving into a property in the Dordogne in February,we are taking on the 5 rescued horses they have at the property, they were originally rescued by a charity called Phoenix horse rescue , I have a link on my website under pets / horses,
But at the moment it does not appear to be linking, have just tried a google search but can only find links to their dog rescue activities, you could try contacting them for more information, they certainly used to foster horses out as well as arranging adoption. hope this helps,good luck, Russ