Horse Mutilations

Seeing the news of horse mutilations in France, it reminded me of similar in the UK in the early 90s, I don’t know if that was confined to the midlands, where we were at the time or further afield as well; one of my family used to keep an eye on the local horses tethered in the country park.
I wondered if there could be any connection? Does anyone remember this in the UK? Was anyone caught?
Horses are magnificent animals, usually gentle and trusting as well, it makes me feel sick that anyone would hurt them, and why would anyone hurt them? A horse is made of stern stuff despite being gentle, they can run and they can kick and bite, so whoever does this obviously knows what they are doing. I hope they are caught.

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I don’t know how it could be connected to the UK but it is just sickening. There was an attack not that far from us in Cluny.


There is still no known reason, but as it happened before in the UK, there must be some motive. It is evil.

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I have a horse and it makes me want to vomit reading about it.

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I hope the culprit/s are caught and you can have peace of mind.

I remember it in the UK. I don’t know if anybody was caught though. Serious mental health issues…what a dreadful thing!


Some were saying was it an occult thing but I can’t find anything about horses and the occult. Whoever has done it and whatever reason, they are depraved and as it is specific and targeted, they know what they are doing, they are not in a fog of delusion.

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Truly dreadful…it is totally depraved. I absolutely love animals in all shapes and forms and this behaviour is just barbaric.


Wasn’t there a play about the subject, years ago.? Equuos by Peter Schaeffer?

Was that the one set in the 1800s? I heard something about it.

I remember that.
I think horse mutilation is in a different league from the general lack of care that many French animals experience as in many cases they go for the genitals.

It’s strange because I hear of French animals being neglected, thankfully most that I have met are well looked after. I was house sitting on the Finistere/Morbihan border one time, it was a smallholding. The neighbour was a French man who rescued riding school ponies that had done their work, lovely old horses, he and his family loved them, but sometimes their water trough would drain, so I would check on their water, one day I was tending the animals and one of his horses collapsed. While I waited for him to arrive, I sat with this poor old horse, lovely old animal, it was obviously dying, the man arrived with his wife and children, and they cried over that poor horse and tried to feed it and get it to drink, sadly its heart had given out and it passed away, they were so upset. So every time people talk of the French not caring, I think of that family and the old horses.

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I just read the Wikipedia for that film. Yikes, it is very disturbing indeed.

It may sound strange to say so, but it was a fantastic production at the National Theatre. I saw a preview and knew nothing about the plot - if I had have done I wouldn’t have gone, but I’m glad I did.
A bit like Warhorse at the National, the imaginative interpretation of the horses was just stunning. They were men on stilts that had been made to look like the rear legs/hooves and they had horse head masks that were no more than open frames and yet conveyed the head - they’re movements were beautiful, the restless clopping of the back legs and the tossing of their heads - just as in Warhorse one forgot they were actors/puppets and they became the horses. And Peter Shafer’s writing is always brilliant. It was enthralling even while the topic was agony.

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Thank you, that is an interesting insight.

This is one of the suspects. Another attack not that far from us in St Vallier 71. I cannot believe this is happening. It is so despicable.

How terrible, at least they have a suspect, a lead.

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That is horrifying.

Appalling, and once they catch the perpetrators what will be done? There was someone shooting arrows at ponies and horses in Gloucestershire when I lived there in 1990-94, I knew one of the victims and I don’t think they ever got to the bottom of it - it wasn’t publicised much because the police said apparently that encourages copycats. I hadn’t thought such weirdoes existed :pensive:

It is known that people who start by hurting animals,often go on to hurt humans