Hospital treatment

A friend of mine thinks that because she has a E121 (now S1) as a retired OAP receiving a UK state pension that apart from the daily hospital charge (usually around €18/day) they she would be fully covered for any admittance/illness (nothing to pay) - is she right and do I have to eat humble pie because I think you still need a mutual.

Try this.....(In English, but don't expect them to SPEAK English!)

Basically many things depend on your personal situation, the illnesses you suffer from and so on. Cardiac, Diabetic and other illnesses are covered 100%, some are only covered to a certain % Medicaments are often covered 100% and even taxi journey's to and from Hospital appointments are covered! It all starts with your own GP - he decides whether to declare you as suffering from long term illnesses at 100% or not! A 'mutuelle' is recommended by me for things not otherwise covered, like Physiotherapist and X-rays. They are not too expensive.

The E121 becomes a Carte Vital and is NOT in addition to it, I explained this in my original reply to yourself. Thus holding a Carte Vital you are entered into the French Scheme of health insurance, your contributions being paid by HM Gov. thus the reimbursements are in line with those for all French Nationals. the links provided ie to The Telegraph, Anglo-info and ex-pat focus clearly explain this if not on the opening page then elsewhere on their site, you might be usefully employed by 'Googleing' Health care within Europe and following the links there.

PS re the E121 or S1 form, by now she should have handed that to her local CPAM in exchange for her Carte Vitale which gives her the right to partial reimbursement of her medical costs, see my original answer. If she has a EHIC card this only applies outside France to provide a degree of health care in other EU countries if you are a French resident.

Or these:-

You could get her to read this:-

Oh and of course if she has been in the French system for over 3 months and is on a low income then there is a system where the state pays her top up.

Doreen, over the last year and a half I have been in hospital several times, have had some blue flashing light ambulance trips in, transfers between hospitals, numerous expensive scans, heart surgery and specialist neurology and have a heap more of it forthcoming. It has not cost one centime. Who to write to depends on her status, in mine I am in the system with Carte Vitale and all and, theoretically, still and working Autoentrepreneur (become a pensioner in eight days in fact), so come under the RSI. Where to write when she knows what her status is is then the local/regional office of whoever is responsible for her.

If your friend, is a resident in France and has obtained a carte vitale, she will qualify for the same level of reimbursement as a French born resident i.e C 60%, the Mutuel will pay the balance plus a contribution to her daily 'hotel' costs i.e. single room supplement which can be in the region of 45€ per night etc.

If she is a visitor and has an EHIC card then she is in a similar position and will need her travel/holiday insurance to make up the difference.

The above assumes that the hospital, doctors etc fees are at or under the Nationally agreed figures, especially with 'Cliniques' and specialists the fees can be in addition and may not be covered by the mutuel, as you will also find for Glasses, Teeth, etc..................... :-(