Hot Weather Alert

Seems we are going to get some hot weather for the next couple of weeks… are you ready… are you steady… yippee :relaxed:

(but keep a sweater or two handy… just in case)…:thinking:

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poor wretched children scratching away for the Bac all week!!

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They will have 2 months to get over it Vero ;-). I am longing to have a touch of hot weather, it means that at last I may be able to turn my central heating off, put some shorts on and give my lily white legs a blast :slight_smile:

Ann… I hope you have turned the CH off today… most of France is supposed to be benefiting from some lovely weather… and about time to. :relaxed:

I’ve even persuded OH to wear sandals without socks… :open_mouth::upside_down_face::flushed:

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Well I whisked mum off for a few hours shopping to the ‘big city’ today so it was only on for an hour this morning ! She actually removed her cardie in the car and wished she hadn’t included her thermal under vest :rofl:


:rofl: thats too much Stella, no socks, he will have an identity crisis poor lad!

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OH reckons there is a Sock-Elf in the house, who steals socks… so that he has many mis-matched pairs… :worried::upside_down_face:

We seem to have been fortunate here with the weather, our complaint, has been not enough rain!

Be careful, no socks, blimey, he may be mistaken for a Continental ’ Chappie’ :rofl: