House/animal sit

We desperately need someone really special! We have 4 dogs and 5 cats. We NEED a holiday and have booked for the end of march, I know this back to front but I am sure the right person will turn up!

We need a holiday because in the last 2 years both my in-laws have died, we have had various problems of varying gravity with children on both sides, OH had cancer op in Oct 2012, my sister died of terminal cancer on June 12 2012, my youngest dog died of hepatitis on june 11 2012, my English brother in law was operated on for bowel cance on june 15 2012, my French brother in law is dying from liver cancer, one of the labs got an infection in her eye and lost the eye , and her twin has just had a stroke.........................! OH is now really well, iam at cracking point and need to stop for a few days before i end up as a puddle on the floor. The cats are all fine, touch wood, the dogs are fine but the labs need to be at home and to be cuddled lots, walked a little, very little, 10 mins 2 or 3 times a day. We live in a beautiful spot and by march the rain may have stopped............?????

If you are interested or now some one who may be please let us know!

check out and I have used both these sites to leave my home and animals with and never regretted it. There is no charge on either side but you leave fresh food for them and if necessary a vehicle. Ive made friends with a couple of them as its a great way to meet fabulous new people.

I am sorry I can't help as I have my own animals and I am sure many SFN's are the same but I hope you find someone and get a good break with OH.

Hello, I know someone who might love to help you, he has done the same for me when I needed a break and he came over especially from the UK to help me. Have sent you a request to be a friend so I can give you further details. In any case, I wish you the best.

Oh david you are so kind! yep, we need to stop, lie still, preferably i a darkened room and let some one else take or hospital......???????!!!

Oh Annie - if we had transport I'd send the wife over - only danger being of over not undercuddling. Really hope you find someone because you certainly do need a break - time to breathe.