House arrest - let’s look on the bright side!

Facetime is a video call on Apple devices.


Groan (I’d like to say the oldies are the goldies, but in this case…)

Well…very lucky to get my daughter from Limoges on what could be the last Ryanair flight out of the uk for some time…with 6/hectares to roam around in and lots of seeds to plant, clay to play with it’s not an ordeal tbh…

So today …prepared a seed bed for beetroot-carrots-radishes…
Worked on a ceramic sculpture
And now enjoying a gin and T n front of the woodburner whilst the dinner cooks watching a daft German programe…
Oh the daughter is now playing Indian dance music…joy of joys…keep happy people.


Fortunately we had already ordered seeds for the potager, so we have tomato plants coming up and
other veg to look forward to.
At present we have early purple sprouting broccoli, rhubarb and green broccoli coming on.
We are looking forward to the asparagus season and we get about a kilo a day, so we can give some to our neighbours along with eggs…

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Thank you so much for posting that video… Crying with laughter.

Lockdown extended to April 15…don’t expect that to be the last one either.

No, quite. Better that way, really.


It’s an ill wind…

Ah, but is it fosse friendly?

0730 Le soleil se lève à l’est, je viens de prendre mon pain…


Mighty long legs @Peter_Goble - all the way to your arm pits!

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I thought about giving the upstairs shutters a quick lick of paint before I shrank, but the fresh viennoiseries won.


Self isolation can lead to hospitalization,

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There are probably lots more cases where people have got things stuck due to self abuse, no - meant self isolation​:joy::astonished:

From the BBC,

Police in the UK have been stopping drivers to check their journeys are only for essential purposes - and one force made an unexpected discovery on Sunday.

They stopped a driver, who had flouted the lockdown to pick up £15 windows, and found his wife in the boot of his car.

Police said his wife had had to sit in the boot as she “could not fit in the vehicle” for the return journey.

The man, who had bought the windows on eBay, was stopped by police on the M6 in Cheshire. [He was issued with a traffic offence.]

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Apparently the county lines crime businesses are being decimated

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One can hope :clap: