House bound madness

I'm sure we are not the only ones who find they cannot get out , the drive is a skating rink even with chains on, food wise we are fine(except bread!) but we a re going mad , the house is clean, the ironing is done, paperwork is up to date, I have books to read but need ................?????????what stratergies are you all using to stay sane???????Wine??????? Knitting????????Telly???????? And of course the dogs are just insane with the lack of exercise........! Maybe I should build a sled............

All ideas however bonkers will be read, but may not be used!


ME too I have good boots, but having moved I have no idea which box/cupboard/room/house they are in... wellies are a no no, it will have to be ordiinary walking boots and wet feet, but they have to go out, I've been trying to paint walls this morning and 5 tails in the paint pot as they demand their promenade is just 5 too many!

The sun is out, but it is still -13, glorious, been painting all morning, walls not pictures, have to get out this afternoon, just a stroll in the wood but I need air! Bon courage for the hols!

feel for you - get out and enjoy it! -13° here again this morning but no snow, ice or even frost on the car as it's soooo dry so work and life goes on as normal, but kids break up for winter holidays this afternoon so we'll soon ve too much to do and they'll be driving us up the wall as it'll be too cold for them to go out, good job I'm working next week...!