House Clearance - Antibes

Hi All,

I'm trying to arrange the sale / clearance of our flat in Antibes. We need to get shot of all the furniture following sale of the apartment

The furniture includes beds, sofas, dining tables and chairs and chests of drawers, bedside tables etc it is all good quality and in excellent condition. The bed, for example, is a couple of years old but has hardly been used since it was bought for 2,000 euros

Haven't found any clearance companies in the area.

Wondered if anyone had some advice ?



if you are not looking for any renumeration
then Emaus will do it for nothing....

Hi Steve,

to clear a house in Bordeaux we used an auction house. They had a contact who picked it all up, with the better stuff being delivered to the auction while the rest was taken by the second-hand dealer.

Another place we cleared was all arranged through a second-hand dealer, who paid us bit by bit as each was sold.

Good luck,

Damn shame as I need all of it but wont be back till April/May - good luck