House Clearance in Blaye, Gironde

I know there have been a few posts about house clearance in France, but we're getting desperate and haven't found a solution!! We are selling our property which we've had for 10 years, and we are due to complete at the end of August. The house is fully equipped as our second home, but apart from a few personal effects we want to get rid of the entire contents. It's mainly furnished with IKEA so not r valuable in monetary terms unless anyone needs to furnish a 3 bedroom home in the area, or can arrange transport.

Does anyone have any recommendations of companies that will just come and take everything away? It's all in very good condition but to be honest, we just need to get rid of it and don't expect any money. Emmaus has drawn a blank as we don't seem to have one in our locality. We don't want to sell off the furniture as we haven't the time to do that, so the whole lot has to go.

Any helpful tips very gratefully received! I'm surprised that someone hasn't thought of setting something up as a business opportunity as this seems to be a common problem!

Many thanks

Thank you, Martin. We have managed to track down Emmaus in Gironde, and they have been fantastically helpful. Hopefully we've now got it sorted. Thank you once again.

Hi Helen,
When we moved over permanently last year we had a house fully equipped as a holiday home which we had to empty. After much messing around with people turning up, picking over, tutting and whispering, we contacted Emmaus who came in and cleared everything. I believe they are always looking for “Free Stuff” as part of their fundraising.