House clearance

Hi all,

We will be selling a longere in St.Sornin, near Marennes (17) but are finding it impossible to arrange a house clearance company to empty and clean the place.

When we sold another property in Bordeaux it was easy. A company came in and delivered all the good stuff to the auction house, took the mid-level things for themselves and dumped the rest, doing a reasonable cleaning job to allow the new owners to move in. We got some money, they got some money, everyone was happy.

Now we are trying to achieve the same with this property, but it is proving more difficult to motivate the companies in the area who we thought could help.

Does anyone have any contacts? Local auction firms wont drive 15 mins to look at the place and they all seem to recommend one company who is not answering the phone or emails.

Perhaps you want to have a go yourself?


try emmaus to take the stuff away, but they wont clean up for you