House in UK Sold, Consultancy Job nearing it's conclusion, Removal Company Booked - Feb. 2014 HERE WE COME

At long, long, long last everything has fallen into place and come February 2014 we will FINALLY be moving lock, stock and barrel to our home in France... I feel as though it's been ages since I first joined their group - well it has - but now I can see the end of the tunnel - and hopefully nothing will stop us this time.

We've made some good friends in France through this site - friends who have already helped us in our hour of need, helped us tile shower rooms, choose flooring, fed us when the house was cold and unfurnished, translated documents and even wiped away my tears when everything got too much...

I'm bring my mum over for a short visit next week - first time since her stroke and the first time she will have seen the house finished... excited for her to see it.

We're coming home..........................

I'm in the west of the Dordogne - so not very close to you unfortunately. I sounds as though we're in similar boats - i.e. the moving across, selling houses, hubbys who may have to work away from home... but hopefully it will be worth it for us all.

We have had this house for about 8years as a holiday home ,,, then just over 2years ago I became ill and came out here for the summer to recover and havnt gone back. Even through Im perfectly well now .

We are just in the process of making the plunge to be full time here. Although hubby works all over the world so its easier for me than him.... but we are getting there slowley just need to sell house in Cornwall first .... Im north of Carcassonne. Where are you ?

Well done and we will also be looking forward to February, only one more month to go to the end of winter!

It is Pam.. it's been a long time coming for us. We bought our house in May 2012 but with one thing and another life kept getting in the way and we couldn't make the move. Now (keeping everything crossed) we can finally do it.... yeah... where abouts are you Pamela and how long have you been in France?

Good luck with your move its an exciting time isnt it?