House insurance

Hi any one got a link to a standard letter for cancelling house insurance. Need to get this sent this month. Thanks in advance.


That's a great site Steve.

Shirley - funnily enough my health insurance was due to renew 1st August and I didn't get the renewal through till mid July....this doesn't come under the loi hamman apparently so I have to wait till next year to change it. Top tip though, if you are going through a broker or a bank they have a process in place that will automatically cancel it for you. I've done mine ready for next year so I don't forget and I'm already locked into the insurance premium for healthcare for next year which is a huge amount a month less expensive

Shirley thanks for that just scanning through my insurance document and it does mention Loi Chatel and 20 days notice in writing. so I am using one of the documents below to get this done ASAP. Frank

…or change of insurer James? law has changed also hasn’t it, only have to give one months notice now, not the previous 2 or 3. that’s going to catch a lot of people out and insurers will take advantage. mine renews 1st November with Axa, and guess what? No letter from them, but I may have forgotten if it did come, and it’s lurking somewhere in a large pile of papers/letters!

Waiting to an email reply from them, i will ring and ask them on Monday. Thanks for that.


Have you asked your new insurer to deal with the transfer from the previous insurer to your new one?

They did it for me

Hello and thanks for your replies, i will try and translate so i know i am using the correct letter. James Amery, i am cancelling as the premium is high and i have a cheeper quote.

Regards Frank

Try here.

Depends on why you're cancelling. Moving house? Change of premium?