House Removals within France

Hello all... we're on the move again... going east this time! from Revel 81 near Toulouse to Vaison-La-Romaine 84, in Provence.

I'm looking for quotes from removal companies and failing miserably. It's about a 350km journey straight along the auto-route

anyone had any luck with hiring trucks and men in France?

x teresa

thanks david - good idea

ooh sounds exciting - i'd ignore the forms and either phone them or email them with a list of the items you want moving, your addresses from & to plus rough dates of when you want to move. Might gee them up a bit if you contact them personally. If phone is a bit too tricky, try email then chase up with a phone call referring to your email...

Bon Chance...

Hello Suz - thanks, that's just the thing - i'll fill in the forms...

No, we're off to become 'guardiennes' of a rather fab Chateau that is rented in the high season, but empty the rest of the year... it's in the most perfet spot in Provence, and will do us nicely for a few years while we find a nice 'do-er up-er'

i'm REALLY struggling with removal quotes though - hiring a van from Inter M isn't going to work this time!

nice to hear from you - thanks

x teresa

Hi Teresa - have you tried

We're going to be needing one soon too I hope...

Does this mean you have found somewhere to buy and do up?