House Required May & June

Looking on behalf of a friend for a two bed house to rent either in The Lot, Dordogne, The Vienne or Haute-Vienne. She is currently living on The Lot / Dordogne border and has bought in The Vienne. She needs somewhere for May and June while the sale goes through. She has three collie dogs :dog:. If anyone can help please let me know, she’s getting a tad worried now!

Has she found somewhere yet?
We have accommodation available but we are on the Gers Haute Garonne border - if she would like a short change of scenery. We have collies too!

Hi Rosie

Thanks for coming back to the post. She did indeed find somewhere. 1.5 hours in the wrong direction, but she is happy with the change of scenery. If she does get stuck again, as this runs out on 10th June, I shall pass on your details but I’m guessing and hoping that the purchase will go through by then.

Thanks again for your help