HOUSE SALE - literally!

(Ben Honisett) #1

We are moving to Califonia, USA, and most of our possessions, including cars, furniture, white goods can't come with us, so we are having a kind of open house sale over the next few weeks. I am listing items for sale here - if anyone i interested in anything drop me a line for more detail.

Of course bare in mind that some of the items we need to keep until we actually move, ie. fridge freezer, 1 - Bed, washing machine & dishwasher, but you can earmark them if you want them!


For details and a full listing of the property visit:


Reconditioned 1991 Landrover Defender & trailer - €8500.00

(see the Landrover group on here for details)

Mazda 3 - gold, 81,000KM, really good condition. Aircon, Cd Player,

Mettalic gold, electric windows,power steering, Diesel, manual gear box, lefthand drive.


Tumble dryer

Upright Fridge Freezer

Small Fridge

Upright Freezer

Washing Machine



Kettle - GONE (Clare)

Food Processor

Hand Blender

Coffe Machine

Mini Ipod radio player

Samsung 27" tv - GONE (Jenny)

Dvd-HD recorder-player

Sony mini disc/cd/tape player stereo

Various lamps

Satellite dish & reciever


Large L-shape sofa - GONE (Clare)

3 seater sofa bed

our bed - GONE (Clare)

backroom bed - GONE (Clare)

cottage bed - GONE (Leanne)

1 wardrobe - GONE (Clare)

Grey side table - GONE (Clare)

Round matching side table for thebed & wardrobe - GONE (Clare)

Brown side table

Pine side table - GONE (Clare)


fabric arm chairs

Large glass office desk

Wooden office desk

Free standing pine shelfs

5 dining chairs

4 wicker chairs


Large Gas powered BBQ

Various plant pots

Electric Lawn Mower - GONE (Jenny)

Outside free standing halogen light - GONE (Jenny)

Various Power cables, plugs & adaptors

Cheers Ben & Helen

(Ben Honisett) #2

yeah sure thing Lousie - hope your feeling better today :slight_smile:

(Louise Stephen) #3

Hey Ben
Can we bagsy your big silver plant pots please? Let me know how much you want for them. xxx

(Ellaine Long) #4

Just thinking I could do with some distraction and hey presto! I get invited to Lougratte (Dept 47) for a while! It’s great to have friends, especially when they have jobs for me to do I’ll have to start taking photos of some of my renovations.! So if you are about the area 18th Oct -14th Nov …maybe we could put the world to rghts over a rose or two! xx

(Kirsten Monteil) #5

Hello, just joined the site. I live in Hollywood, literally, with my French hubby. Just curious as to why you’re moving here. Good luck with your move, BTW, you can find good Indian food here.

(Ben Honisett) #6

goes to show your site is a good working - networking site!!! BRILLIANT!

(James Higginson) #7


(Ben Honisett) #8

hi all - I am updating the post as and when people have earmarked items - Jenny & Leanne have both taken some items.

(Ben Honisett) #9

cheers James, have pinged the page now :slight_smile:

(James Higginson) #10

Ben, you have a question over on the FB page

(Leanne Chevallier) #11

coming over:)

(Ben Honisett) #12

Hi Jenny will do