House swap

Our house has been on the market for a year now to no avail.

We really need to get back to Blighty to be near an ageing blind parent.

So as a sale seems pretty slow in coming is there any one in Blighty land that would consider a property swap?

We have a brand new house, yes brand new, detached with three double bedrooms in three acres of land, so just the job for horsey types ( we have horses, well a horse and a donkey).

Area of the UK not a problem ie we will go anywhere. Property not a problem ie we will live in anything as long as we can get a field near by to rent to put the four legged beasts.

The property is on the Charente Haute Vienne border in the Haute Vienne.

House and description is here

Can you post some photos of the house here Rod?

Yep tried that thanks along with International swap and Swap and Go plus a couple of others I cannot recall.

We almost had a swap back in September but they walked away after we had paid some solicitors fees up front. Grrr.

But any other advice gratefully received.

Oh as a point of note but the french-property-swap aren't particularly overly reactive. ie it takes a lot to get anyone from the site to repond. Unless its just us!

Hi Rod

Have you tried adding it here yet?

Hi Rod

Feel free to post this on the SF facebook page too - should get a lot of views there?

Best wishes and bonne chance!

Catharine x