I know James will put this where it needs to go, no rude ideas thank you! I'm not sure which bit it fits in! I also know Fiona asked the same questiona nd found some one so I'm doing the same thing!

Sometime in the next week or so we will have to go to England. For about two weeks, nothing is concrete as it will be for my sisters funeral and as yet the organisation isnt done. Is there anyone who would like two weeks in the dordogne with a full fridge in exchange for head counting cuddling and feeding 5 cats, walking feeding and cuddling 3 dogs? We are near Montpon. The house is ver quiet, but we do have one set of neighbours, OH's daughter and family, so not isolated. It is verquiet and we have deer coming to eat in the garden..........................any takers?

I am registered with them already Fiona, just thought I'd try this too! Will sit down and go through Trusted tomorrow...... THanks!

I got a lot of response from - some of whom seemed able to come at short notice. It costs about 25 euros to register for a month.

Maybe worth a punt?