Housing rental contracts

We spoke to an agent this morning and she said that they will not rent any apartments/houses for less than a 3 year commitment! Is that true generally? Or just this one agency?


Thanks Julie. I think our big challenge is that we are not yet in France. They don’t seem to like doing things by e-mail and we haven’t had a ton of luck by phone, even though we do speak French pretty well.

We’ve used SeLoger, Vivastreet, Leboncoin. Thanks for suggesting Anglo Info. They don’t have anything in Pau at the moment (that is suitable for a family of 4) but it is a great resources.

Any other suggestions?


Hi Tema

We, too, are looking for a place to rent long term (but only up to 1 year max). We’re not experiencing any problems but we’re dealing direct with owners. Although we speak mediocre French (writing it is easier thanks to Babel Fish’s help!), we don’t have a language problem with French owners. Very obliging and helpful.

One thing we HAVE found is that there are dozens of properties available.

Try Le Bon Coin for “Locations”, also Anglo Info has lots of available stuff. If you have any problem finding the right pages/sites, send us an e-mail (dogdays@live.co.uk) and we’ll send you a couple of links to get you started.

And NONE of those we’ve contacted insist upon a 3 year contract! You’ll probably find that’s an Agent requirement!

Good luck!

John & Julie

(in Belesta 09300)

Hi Tema,

I may be wrong but I don’t think it matters whether it’s 1 or 3yrs (I thought 1yr was the norm) it only takes 3 months notice to cancel a rental contract either way.