How about this for a kid's bedroom

I seem to remember a rose wallpaper when I was a child… wish my parents had been a little more imaginative…:wink:


This young Mum simply told me… I’m going to repaint Eddie’s bedroom…I had no idea she had this in mind…:grin:

Wow, a very talented lady and a great thing to do for her child ! Thanks for sharing. When I was a little girl, many many years ago, my father worked for a company that produced Snowcem. This product was used for painting the outside of lighthouses and other buildings that faced extreme weather. Our outside privy was decorated with this and then dad painted murals on the walls. He also decorated a garden wall with a full rigged sailing ship ! I may have a photo of the ship somewhere, will have to search.

Seems this theme was Eddie’s choice… it could just have easily been dinosaurs…:grin: