How can this happen?

If you are not a French citizen you cannot vote. But if you are a convicted Fascist you can run for President! So how does that happen??

Do you have a vote in any other country ?

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things can get heated…

Nice thick brown envelopes.

The final one of the seven necessary conditions listed on the link is:-

<< faire preuve de “dignité morale”, sans que cette notion soit précisément définie. >>
(demonstrate “moral dignity”, without this concept being precisely defined.)

Some might argue this should rule out Zemmour, but he seems hell-bent on a path of self-destruction anyway and his book on masculinity should deter the entire female electorate…


With regard to Presidentials… it’s because “DM” is not precisely defined… it allows virtually anyone to have a go.

but someone throwing their hat into the ring… has to have the 500 signatures… etc etc… and more often than not… will fall by the wayside as things progress.

In the end, the country gets the Politician/President it elects… (well, that the majority elects…)

Not sure that the current shower in the UK are any better or that a French/EU national living in the UK could vote there either… :thinking:

He didn’t win though, heave sigh of relief.
How can an idiot like Trump be elected President of the United States and a fool like BoJo become PM of the UK?

But if you look, there are far too many countries, in Europe the Middle East, Asia and S America, where people are unable to cope with social change and so vote for a reactionary populist, who blames foreigners for the situation, promises everthing and delivers nothing (except corruption and pocket lining).

Istanbul and Budapest were amongst my favourite European cities, but even without travel restrictions, I can no longer imagine visiting them any time soon.

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Absolutely not, I refused to go to Spain with my friends when Franco was in power.
We have an ex-friend, a Brexiteer living in France, whose wife was a head teacher and they went on holiday to Turkey twice, even after Erdojan had arrested all intellectuals.
It really beggars belief that, so called, intelligent people can care so little.


Jane, one can be highly intelligent but lack common sense which unfortunately in this day and age of social media has become like hens teeth.


Common sense - not so common.


They cant Andrew - Flo has been living in the UK now for 17 years and we have been married for 15, but she cannot vote in a UK General Election. Local elections? Yes.

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Thanks for confirming the situation, Carl :wink: