How can we protect our vehicles?

(stella wood) #1

This theft was just too… too easy… :crazy_face:

(Paul Flinders) #2

The defence against this particular mode of theft is to put the car keys in a biscuit tin overnight, not on a table near the front door.

(Richard Carpenter) #3

Some time ago there was a scam where an American car specialist garage would make a copy of keys while the car was in for work. The keys got sold to the highest bidder.

(Nellie Moss ) #4

Yes hook and cane burglaries can be a real problem. People will be really aware of their house security but will leave the keys to their extremely expensive cars to hand
A few years ago on a cold winter morning a gang came from Manchester in a van ,drove to an estate close to the motorway junction and jumped in several cars left running to warm up whilst the owners went back inside These cars ,all high value ,were straight back down the M61

(Teresa Shipley) #5

34 years ago when pregnant I came out of the supermarket walked up to ‘my car’ and unlocked it. It was only when I opened the door that I realised the seats were a different colour. In my panic I found my identical car and quickly drove off. I still wonder if the owner of the first car noticed it wasn’t locked.
Obviously that car model had a standard key.

(Ann Coe) #6

Quite frankly these types of theft are for the ‘high end’ market. No problems where I live, people leave their engines running and cars unlocked while they pop into the bakers, butchers, or presse/tabac. Moral of the story, why spend ‘wads of money’ on a car and then not have the brains to think that you might become a target, better a Peugot than a Porche, a Mini than a Mustang etc;

(Nellie Moss ) #7

It’s the same people who have a super duper alarm system on their house that doesn’t include sheds etc. Yet sheds can contain property worth thousands

(Ann Coe) #8

Not my shed Nellie, it’s mainly full of semi rusting tree saws, hoes and spiders :rofl:

(Mandy Davies) #9

We don’t even have a shed or a garden to put one in :slightly_frowning_face:

Makes me think of that Monty Python sketch :laughing::laughing::laughing:

(Ann Coe) #10

:rofl: My ‘ex’ is a Yorkshireman, in other words a Scot with all the genorosity removed :dizzy_face::dizzy_face: (Waiting for all the comeback on that) :blush:
Think that they had it bad …In fact we were so poor that my brother was made in Tawain :rofl::rofl:

(Mandy Davies) #11


Hubby’s a Yorkshireman as well. Not sure he fits the mould though thankfully!! :open_mouth:

(David Martin) #12

You obviously don’t have a PorSche. :slight_smile:

(Nellie Moss ) #13

Reminds me of the joke , a hard up guy knocked on the door of a large house and asked if they had any odd jobs needed doing. After some thought the house holder said ’ You can paint the porch round the back with the paint that’s in the garage ’ A couple of hours later the guy knocks at the door for his money ’ The house owner paid him and as he walked away he called back. 'By the way it’s not a Porsche it’s a Lamborghini

(Ann Coe) #14

Typo :rofl::rofl: