How did that happen?


How the flaming heck did that happen?

A point where a younger me would have liked to retire. Unfortunately that younger me didn’t plan the financial side of things so I’m stuck with the 9-5.

Time to reflect on life perhaps? 6/7ths of the way through my biblical allocation of three score and ten.

Square peg, round hold; in this world but not of it. Either sums things up pretty well.

Perhaps had someone mentioned the word “Asperger’s” when I was 17 things might have worked out differently, but that was not the way back then.

I guess I’ve hurt people, along the way, just not understanding how relationships are supposed to work, I’m sorry - brain just wired up wrong.

Time to die?

Don’t think I have that luxury - unlike Roy Batty I think I’ll be around a bit longer.



Happy birthday, Billy (assuming it is today)

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I remember hitting 40 and feeling my life was now on a downward slope… :anguished: :rofl:
How wrong I was… :wink:… it’s been a real roller-coaster, but well worth hanging around for… :wink:

Don’t spend too long fretting about the past and things you can’t change… just aim gently for your dreams and you’ll get there in the end… :+1: :crossed_fingers:

Happy Birthday from a very elderly (but sprightly) old lady… :birthday: :champagne: :wine_glass:


Happy bithday and you are far more likely to make 4 score than some old text book says so better keep in good cheer, good health and start looking forward to the next 20 birthdays +


Happy birthday! :birthday::champagne::clinking_glasses:

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Agreed! Happy birthday Billy, and make the most of it and ALL of your remaining years. My brother never made 60 (cancer) and as my uncles and parents had good quality lives well into their eighties I had assumed he and I would be together for many more years.

I’m 76 and in many ways feel I’m only just getting started - I’m also firmly convinced we walk the path we are meant to - so fret not about the square peg and round hole, in 10, 20 years time I bet you’ll look back and think “oh that’s why I was there, then”

Oh and Happy Birthday youngster. :slight_smile:


Happy birthday.

I’ve always found that sort of self-reflection helpful.

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Bon anniversaire @billybutcher :beer::beer: you sound like a (slightly ) younger me and I know exactly how you feel.

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Happy birthday! Being older has a lot of unexpected challenges but it certainly isn’t dull :smiley:


Have a good one Mr Butcher

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Reflections are good, but like the mantra about food - reflect, mainly positive ones, but not too many - you can go down a rabbit hole and forget to appreciate today!

I left work early due to emerging health problems and discovered that going to work is really quite expensive. My out-goings dropped massively. No more suits, commuting costs, buying expensive food as too tired to cook, endless work gifts/drinks (my teams seemed permanently getting engaged, married, having babies and birthdays) and one that doesn’t worry you but the outlay on tights adds up!

So my fears of not being able to make ends meet didn’t happen. And now I have a reduced pension, and as of this month my state pension :tada::flags::confetti_ball:, so live comfortably.

Maybe reflect on alternatives paths?


Happy birthday! :champagne::clinking_glasses::tada::birthday::cake:

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Many happy returns! Not there yet, but 60 today is young, with all that time left ahead for so much fun! Similar to @JaneJones, took the leap to finish work early and never looked back - highly recommended!

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Happy birthday :birthday: :partying_face: :tada: :balloon: :gift: :confetti_ball:
Hope you enjoy your day.
Izzy x

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Happy Birthday :tada: :partying_face: :beers: :beer:
60s the start of the best time of your life, stay happy.

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Hoppy birdie @billybutcher .

Weird isn’t it - suddenly we become what was once an ‘old person’ to us, and yet we often feel essentially the same inside. I’m 61 now and it all seems wrong - probably another 20 to 30 years left.


Age was (for some unknown reason) a topic of discussion at our recent away-weekend… and during one picnic, 2 pals at our table kept asking me my age.
Firstly, I informed them (politely) that “a gentleman should never ask a lady her age”…
then I said (equally politely) that “a lady would only ever admit to being 21…” :wink:
Hmmm… heavy silence while they pondered on this…
So, how old are you?
"I am a lady…! "…
Ah… they suddenly twigged that they weren’t going to get any further on that tack.

However, when I went to join the “chorale” and we were giving our rendition of Hymne à l’amour… seems those pals continued to interrogate my OH… who gallantly defended me by telling them he couldn’t remember … :rofl:

The funniest thing was that they believed him… :rofl: :rofl::rofl:


I think perhaps that asking how old someone is is normal practice in France :thinking: Certainly it was nearly the first question my neighbours asked me when I bought the house over 30 years ago…

Some do , some don’t…
One dear friend would pop into nearly every conversation with “… and I’m 86!” and I vowed to never let myself get like that…
Another friend admits to having birthdays, but heaven help anyone who mentions her age in public… :wink:

I don’t say my age… I tell folk I’m 35 “in my head”… and some neighbours are inclined to agree with that age-description for themselves too…

Happy birthday :birthday::gift: :champagne: