How did you decide where to live in France

(Jane Fanshawe) #61

We have just got back from second viewings, working on the if I like it in the cold and rain I will love it in the sun theory of house buying.
One that is in my top 2 is in Beaulieu sur Sonnette, and I wondered where you ended up ? And did you ever find a Pilates class?

(Ellen Gater) #62

Hi Jane.

How exciting that you may have found your new home, I hope it all goes smoothly for you. How is your health and when do you hope to move? We stayed in B s S in April for a week and the weather was amazing all week. We stayed at a place called Le Cosset and met a nice Brit called Paul Mattock and will soon meet his wife Wendy.

We bought on 15th October about 2 kms from B s S, near Ventouse in an area called La Vigne de la Loge. The whole area is welcoming and we’ve met some lovely people. On 4th November we were invited to the Marie’s annual lunch. Amazing affair 6 courses of quality food with so many wines, went on for over 5 hours and they had a lovely choir up from Angouleme, who even sung three songs in English for the 8 ExPats attending. All this for 18 euros or free if over 60.

Alas I’ve had to come back to the UK for 5 weeks but my daughter and their two dogs are settling in well to their property next to mine. My son in law is great at DIY and is currently working on my place - I can’t wait to get back on 12th December to enjoy my first Christmas in my new home.

Only downside for us is that we get no mobile signal at our place (we’re in a slight valley) we had no issues at B s S and just assumed it would be good where we’ve settled.

The property we bought was in a disgusting state and it took over 10 days to throughly clean it and get basic items working as they should but that said, despite a lot of work to be done inside our properties we love it. My daughter has found a craft group to join but I haven’t yet investigated a Pilates class. I’ll ask her to ask around for me and hopefully sort something out on my return.

Please stay in touch and I look forward to possibly welcoming you to our area

Kindest regards

Elle x

(Davies George) #63

Because i got a job in Monaco and its only 20 mins walk or so to the office

(Nigel Roberts) #64

My wife and I first started looking at Provence and quickly realised that we could nt afford the properties that we liked.

Next we moved further west and looked at in a coastal strip covering Beziers, Narbonne, Perpignan and Ceret. The plan at that time was to buy a villa and one or two gites. After some research, we learnt that having a gite or two is (a) hard work and (b) not the pot of gold that many estate agents promise. Other significant factors were the travel time from the UK and potential flooding.

Luckily I worked with a guy whose in-laws owned property in Ruffec and suggested that we consider the surrounding areas. We then focused on the area bounded by Ruffec, Charroux, Confolens, Chabanais, Rochechouart, Massignac and St.Claud. Reasons were:

  • the weather, proximity to Limoges, Angouleme & Potiers;
  • easy travel to/from Le Havre;
  • lower property prices than further South;
  • the Charente Lakes.

By then, we’d given up on gites or running a B&B and decided to buy a family home and later on a second home to rent out long-term. Following a visit in September 2017, we also tightened up our criteria to locations with a population above 1,000 inhabitants, preferably two of everything (bars, hotels, bakery, doctor etc). We made a second visit to the region in February / March 2018 as we wanted to experience the winter weather. We decided upon a townhouse in Roumazierers-Loubert and moved in September 2018. In spite of finding that the house needs more work than originally estimated we haven’t regretted a moment. The locals have been friendly and welcoming and we are slowly settling in.

(Brian Wheeler) #65

My partner David and I are jumping right in! We were sat around a pool in mainland Greece on holiday and were discussing life ambitions and it turned out that we both had a long held ambition to live in a foreign country and run a small holding. We already are very keen gardeners and allotmenters, so it was the natural next step for us. I’d always wanted to live in France but David had Spain in mind. But once I showed him what we could get in France for our money he was hooked. Well things moved on quickly from there. A week after we got back our perfect property popped up in our inbox, we contacted the agent there and then 5 days later we were in France viewing it and placed an accepted offer there and then. We complete on 22nd January unless SAFER step in and buy it from under us which it is not anticipated will happen. So hopefully on 22nd of Jan 19 we will own our own part of France.