How do I download iTunes for Ubuntu?

Greetings oh wise ones. I bought my husband an iPod for Christmas and I would like him to be able to download stuff to his computer which has Ubuntu, but it all seems to be for Windows only. Can't find any help on iTunes website, can you tell me if it's possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hmm OK, looks like you're using a version of Ubuntu that is 2 years out of date and as a result will require you to download a particular version compatible with your Ubuntu.

Suggest that you first uninstall that version of POL through the Ubuntu Software Centre (cannot remember how to get to it on your version, I'm running 12.10 so quite a long time /version difference to yours).

Then if you wish to continue the attempt, you'll either (and this I suggest is after careful thought) upgrade to the latest version of Ubuntu which will require quite some learning the new interface/gui. Or go to the manual download page at locate the appropriate POL version for your OS which is Lucid Lynx. However again, this is going to be not so simple as you'll need to download and install through the command line.

Not wishing to scare you, but we ought to look for another alternative, however because of the rapidly changing environment that Linux development is it may be difficult to achieve easily without the upgrade of Ubuntu to the latest version.

All of this is not going to be very simple when attempted with assistance/instruction from afar.

It's the terminal thingy, it says configuring ttf mscorefonts-installer and when i try to close it says there's aprocess running. There's PlauonLinux icon but nothing happens when I click on it.

It's Ubuntu 10.04...

Difficult for me to tell Wendy. What is taking time? PlayOnLinux or iTunes?

Also what release of Ubuntu are you running?

Thanks Steve, have followed seems to be taking forever to configure...over an hour, is this normal, do you know?

Software called PlayOnLinux says that it works - can't check as I don't have (nor never will have) an iTunes account.