How do I know if a lemon is ripe?

Early this year, Lidl had lemon trees for sale. Working on the basis that the polytunnel just might be ready for winter and therefore I could move the pot in there then, I bought one.

It’s only very small but when I got it, it had 2 greeen lemons on it and one yellow one. Since then there have been lots of flowers and there are now quite a few small green fruits appearing. The original green lemons are bigger than they were and tthe yellow one looks exactly as it did.

So my question is - perhaps the lemon was ripe when I bought it and perhaps has now gone off? Perhaps it wasn’t ripe although it looked like it and now is? (Or isn’t)

How on earth do I tell? :smiley:

Usually with me if they are yellow, firm and break of the tree easily, then they are ready.

Young trees fruit tends to be very bitter.

Thanks Colin! Given where I have lived, I have never attempted any form of citrus fruit before…

We have numerous citrus trees: lemon, oranges, etc.
We’ve found that the fruit is ripe between January & February.

The first winter that we had them, we covered with fleeces and moved beneath our covered terrace.
The second winter, we left them uncovered but beneath the terrace.

I’m wondered whether they might survive a winter left out?

We had enormous lemon and orange trees going down an old (1899/1900) driveway (we only used one half - the other would have been when they had to go around with horses). e had hto, dry summers but winters were pretty cold, with a good few frosts adn low minus temps over night each year so I think they are hardier than given credit for!

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Thanks - that’s interesting.
I think that I’ll leave out 4, and bring the others under cover, so that I won’t lose the whole lot if I’m wrong.

We also left out a Calamansi, Clementine and a couple of Kumquats and they have survived OK.

Think you have to squeeze them

G & T? :wink: :grinning:

Not keen on gin… :smiley:

I love it, but self-prohibited it, so it’s T&T every afternoon for me. Never miss the slice and ice though. :laughing:

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