How do I stop black birds "eating" my wooden shutters?

Can anyone recommend how to stop black birds damaging the shutters on my house, when I am away and the shutters are closed, please?

Only bird-friendly responses, please! Shooting them is not an option!

Paint some fierce looking cats on them:)

Don't neglect to salute the lone Magpie for luck

And I'd expect that even the crows would have more taste than to nick the Oasis CDs :-)

Or magpies... I photographed two of them diligently trying to pry my window open one day. They are very clever birds, but skittish. Crows, on the other hand, love shiny stuff.They would probably nick your CDs.

I'm with you, Celeste. This is very counterintuitive behavior for blackbirds.

No it was always the upper half of the windows ! but yes - He surely was trying to attack his rival.

Also bear in mind that crows generally attack birds of prey in their territory, so check your enemy before treatment!

If it is possible to see a reflection in the window, then it is probably a male member of the crow family trying to defend his territory against a perceived rival. Because he is unable to make any impression on the glass, he will attack the wood that is closest to his reflection. These birds are unable to hover so they will jump up and down on the sill and the damage will be confined to the lower part of the window.

You can discourage this behavior by stretching a cord or wire a few inches above the sill. (Minimal DIY skill required.)

Alternatively, you could hang cut-out eagle silhouettes in front of your windows - though this might encourage local hunters to take pot-shots at your house!

Easiest answer is - don't clean your windows..........

The cheeky little blighters! Do you think they are going for something more sinister? Like bugs or similar pests? Radio 4 keeps foxes at bay - perhaps a radio left on in the window?

You could also use shiny, dangly, music CDs. Here are a few suggestions: The Byrds, The Stone Crows, Yardbirds, Hawkwind, Black Crowes, The Eagles, Chick Correa, Penguin Café Orchestra, Murder of Crows, Charlie “Bird” Parker and, finally, I'd also add Oasis - simply because I think they’re rubbish.

All the above ideas are good, effective and cost next to nothing, here's another option. Very expensive though. About 80€ a cartouche of 250ml and trays.

It's a UV gel, the birds think the area is on fire so won't land near it. It's used commercially as an alternative to bird spikes or netting.

PM me for more details.


Obviously not the same problem but we used to have crows that would attack our gite windows to the point that the windows were often smeared in mud and blood.

We sold up so I don't know if they still do it or the solution :(

You could paint pictures of larger birds like peragrin falcons on them , but that is not the answer you are looking for. Perhaps paint them a different colour if it would blend in with your house ok. Possibly, if its downstairs, hang some fat balls up in a tree or as close-bye as possible. Once they see them they will lose all interest in your shutters but they will put on some winter weight as well!

If it is woodpeckers which would seem quite likely and it's a house that remains empty for long periods then the only realistic solution tends to be unsightly using chicken wire or some other small mesh grill. However if you are willing to take the time the chicken wire or mesh can be fixed onto simple frames the same size as the shutters and hung over the shutters when you are absent thus avoiding looking crap all the time. Even more adventurous would be to make these "grill" coverings a feature by giving them a decorative finish.


I also have this problem on a empty house that i am trying to sell, you will find that they are most likely woodpeckers, have you got a wood near your property, if so then they think that your shutters are just a few more for them to peck in there area.
I tried most things without success, because after a while they get used to them, my latest attempt is a plastic OWL on a pole which rotates with the wind, so far it seems to be working.
You can buy them from AMAZON.
Good luck

Blackbirds pecking at wood? Look closer, they are definitely something else.

Also are they blackbirds or just black birds ;-)

Rather strange behavior for Black birds, can you say a little more about what you have seen them doing?


Christmas is coming so you could get two birds with one stone (geddit??) and put tinsel on your shutters. And maybe a bauble or two...