How do we get rid of a pile of c@@p in our back garden?

So we moved in at the beginning of September and we inherited a lot of stuff we don’t want. Loads of wood, trellises, old furniture, a cauldron etc etc…we can’t drive our car with a trailer, according to the insurance…any ideas?

Hire a skip. Looking up location de benne, traitement de déchets in the pages jaunes should help.

Thanks…we’re literally generating more and more and instead of a new home, it looks more like Steptoe’s yard. l don’t know why, or where I’ve got it from, but I didn’t think France did skips…music to my ears! Thanks again Vero x

You could hire a transit van from local supermarket then do a few trips to the tip.

Ore hire a man with a van

That’s a good idea too…we bought our house from a couple who weren’t so well and inherited a lot of stuff that we didn’t want to complain too much about. We’re now struggling…great idea. OMG thanks x

it will be much cheaper than hiring a skip, last thing I read about these here is that they are very expensive as so rare!

Yeah they are back in the UK…just want to tidy up the garden without too much expense!

What’s Boris Johnson and the Tory party doing in your back garden anyway?


Shut up…I wish they were, bloody shoveling and scooping ffs…LOL!


Saw that and didn’t even click…thanks!

A cauldron could mean several things, but if solid metal and potential for a planter or similar and not full of too many rusty holes then stick it outside your door with a note saying “Prenez librement” and it might well disappear.

Mmm. Where did you read you can’t use a (small) trailer with your insurance? I’ve been blissfully swanning around with a 1.9 metre jobby assuming I was covered.

Be careful - me coffee went all over the screen just now. Pictured you going to the dechette…
Jobby = Poo in scottish slang

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Yes, it’s not much of a trailer. Your interpretation could well be the accurate one.