How do we NOT get clobbered by transfer and/or conversion rates when coming from the US?

We’re getting close to the move and I want to be prepared. I can’t think of a way to transfer monies over to France without getting reamed by the system. Does anyone have any ideas?

We are coming from the US not the EU. We have cash in a safe, as well as funds in bank accounts.

Here’s my private email if you want to send info that way:

Thanks in advance,


Exactly so… @Kirsten_Monteil

have you taken a look at the Thread: Easily and Cheaply Send Money Abroad this Christmas…

and if you want to know what to do with the money once it gets to France… why not talk with @Brian_Furzer … if he can’t help, he will know who can…

I’ve sent you a mail.

Do not bring a lot of cash. France is not cash friendly and you may find it difficult to change dollars to Euros. For normal transfers use any FX company.

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