How do we pay our 'declaration trimestrielle de chiffre d'affaires'?

Can anyone tell me how we can pay our taxes without paying by electronic payment? I have looked online but it only talks of electronic payment. I gather that you can pay by cheque is this correct? How? Do we just send a cheque with the declaration? Any help will be gratefully received!

Bizarre indeed, selective something or other at play!

Just done it half an hour ago, but had something in the region of 42 hours when it was not able to let me in.

It is a link to help, we all know that we can't rely on online calculations!

If only their website worked, that would be great!

Hello Janet,

Paying online is an option as well as paying by snail mail the address of the regional URSAAF is listed on the document that you must send back. You can also find the address online. Just make sure you pay several days ahead of time for the postal days are not taken into account and if it's not before the dates there will be a penalty fine. The dates are 30th of April, 31st of July, 31st of October et 31st of January, at midday.

The first time I went about it I sent only the form which was a mistake. Because we have to give them our 'RIB'' I thought it is automatically withdrawn from the account, eh non! So URSSAF sent me a late payment fine, in which I responded to them with a letter explaining because it was my first time, I misunderstood and if they could please take off the fines. Not sure if they did. Anyways, a little misunderstanding always finds it's way back on track. ;9 But I also found it didn't work this time online, Why?!

My experience as auto-entrepreneur: I was bombarded with papers a month after declaring Auto-Entrepreneur. First with the choice of assurance which I was unsure to chose from because they send so many choices of adhesion in either Paris or the region you are declared as Auto-Entrepreneur. Then you have to sign up online with at with your siret number and at the Caisse Viellesse (retirement). Then After 3 months you must pay the trimester taxes which was scary at first because you don't want to get the numbers wrong. But if you just add up you income sources you can have it calculated for you at this site: A nice reference help.

There is just so much papers and the taxes are so high it's almost not worth all the difficulty and pain but maybe, just maybe, it'll add up some day. I really feel like I'm not making enough to be paying such high tax at 20.50%! Will any of it come back at the end of the year? What if we miss-calculated will we be refunded?

Anyways, off to the mail bax to post that old friendly check...

On paying, if you send a cheque do it LRAR, registered letter with acknowledgement. I have twice been told off for being late although I was well within time which is why I switched to online. Au contraire for my OH who had the money taken twice on one accasion she paid online and had to wait several months for it to be rebated with a little of the actual payment. Now she sends it off LRAR about a week before the deadline when she believes it is not only acknowledged but fairly high on the pile so less likely to be lost. Mind you, find two people with exactly identical experience...

Hi Janet, you also need to be clear if you are paying your 'taxes' or not. The declaration trimestrielle is usually only for paying social charges (national insurance) unless you have specifically opted to pay the tax as well - can't remember the name of it but you have to have specified it.

You can pay by cheque but ensure it arrives well ahead of the due date as if it is delayed in the post they whack extra charges on from the due date.

Yes, send a cheque. My wife does that and I do it online. Comes out the same in the wash.