How do you get an S1?

Anyone know how to get an S1, I will receive my state pension in Jan, But I am unable to locate an application for, Unless they are extremely well hidden


Hi Tony… I see you joined the Forum some time ago… but we still do not know your name…:open_mouth:

Please will you amend your infomation and put your Full Name … we are a friendly lot and like to know with whom we are discussing…


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Hi Tony…

+44 191 21 81999 - DWP Overseas Healthcare Team will surely be able to help you… why not give them a ring…:blush:

They will send you and S1 with your pension documentation by post when you start receipt of payments in January, assuming that they have your address in France that is. In our case, my husband got his (he is 3 years older) and I got one for me at the same time.

Otherwise, just call the overseas Health Team as Stella suggests, and they will post one on to you - takes about a week to arrive.

Just spent 10 waiting on the phone and they have confirmed it will be sent with my pension documents. That explains why I couldn’t fin an application form. Thanks for your assistance