How do you help your kids?

Right - first off I will start by admitting that I am probabbly being a bit paranoid here!

Do you do anything 'extra' with your children and their education? By this, I mean workbooks, games etc....

The reason why I ask is that I was browsing in a toy store the other day (trying to get some Christmas inspiration!) and I ended up in an aisle with workbooks and educational games and puzzles. The boys have a lot of this sort of thing in English but nothing in French. Hence I started worrying that they are 'missing out' or that I am not doing enough.

Just wondered what you do and to what level? Should I be buying French learning things? Would this clash with the whole only speaking English at home idea?


Hi Natasha,
I buy my kids a holiday workbook each in French for the summer holidays but apart from that we stick to English books etc at home. We have also got the Jolly Phonics and some Peter and Jane books (which are driving me mad) so have asked family to send English learn to read books for Christmas. My 6 year old also enjoys on the computer - nasty American accents though but as my brother and his family live in Canada we are used to hearing strange accents - not to mention when her maitress trys to speak English to her!!! I try to avoid the French as I prefer that they learn at school and not pick up any of my bad habits, I’m fairly good at speaking French but not bi-lingual yet and never will be.
I finally gave in and bought my daughter a DSi but it plays French and English so can she can choose which way to go. For my son’s 4th birthday next week I have just bought him a Vtech Mobigo but plumped for English so he will learn as he plays.
We do have French storybooks but generally the kids prefer that we read them to them in English - will be interesting when they can read fully and start correcting my translations!!!

My take on it is that my kids are already working harder than the other kids so I don’t think they need any extra pressure at such a young age, when they are older and we can judge their capabilities better I will re-assess it.

I also feel that at ages 6 and nearly 4, they have had an awful long day at school already and it’s better to have some time to play or just watch a little bit of TV. We also have quite an early bedtime, which puts them at an advantage over the local kids as they are more alert in the day but it means we don’t have as much time together in the evenings.

it is a complete juggling act and I do worry about it all the time but - only time will tell!

Hi Natasha,
My son is 3 and a half, goes to a Maternelle and we speak english at home.

I have 2 suggestions:
For English I have been dipping into the “Jolly Phonics” series. We have the song book and in time we’ll do the word book.
For French I was recommended “Apprendre à Lire” by Lilyane Jacq Forestier. I like the layout, it goes in sets, and we are enjoying cutting out the letters and making words on the pages.

Hope these might help
best regards