How do you keep Deer out of your garden?

I am pleased to hear that the UK still has some wildlife…:relaxed:

do you have a problem with Deer and if so, how do you cope ??

I love seeing them in the mornings.

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We see them as we go here and there… but never around our house in the village.

One friend wept as he told me how deer had destroyed his rose garden… but he soldiered on and used better fencing for his favourite plants… then let the wildlife roam freely over the remainder of his land. :hugs:

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We have no fences, live in the middle of nowhere in a river valley. The wildlife comes and goes as it pleases. They tend to keep out of the “garden” bit as the dog will scare then off. When we first came here, I grew some “medicinal herbs” in a forest clearing. The deer ate them all, but were very happy!!


The most I have seen in the field behind us was seven, lovely to watch, in Scotland often got out of bed, looked out the window to see them munching the blossoms off the roses, a few roses were worth it, love the spaced out deer Mark :laughing: :+1: