How do you wind down in retirement

I bought my little place in France with the idea of retiring there some time in the future (which given what is happening here in Angola may be sooner than I expected :-), spending 6 months a year there and 6 months in Oz to keep up with my 3 kids (single dad).

At present, I get there 1 or 2 times per year and most of the time is spent trying to renovate (very slowly). However I find I am constantly checking on what is happening at work/Internet. I have been working since I was 12 and am afraid I may have trouble converting to a life of retirement. I have lots of hobbies (eg wood turning) but they are more suited to the small acreage/big shed in Australia whereas my French place is in the middle of a village and has no outdoor area , let alone garage or shed - but is a reasonable size inside.

Does the transition to retirement come naturally or are there suggestions on things I should do now (I have the drinking red wine well under way so need more than that :-))

Vic, I used to watch it years ago, yes - the 3 lads and Nora Batty?

Bruce - loving the pic - I think :-)

Brian - all falls into place? I like it :)

Just about the mark, Vic. I'm 65 and should be a painsioner but would continue to work if it was not for some faulty bits of body - if you get my meaning - but apart from being frequently visible here (modern techno does that, so no I am not in my rocking chair with...) I am probably as busy as ever. Don't think about it and it all falls in place.

Nora Batty! I'm out of here...

"Now your thread is now stuck with these 3 lads drumming, sleeping and well, lavatoring" .Never seen "the last of the summer wine" Elaine? your absolutely right though. Unburden your mind & you'll find stuff to do. Ain't that right Compo? Cleggy, get off the bog!! Leg It chaps, Nora Batty's coming!

Elaine - Thank you - good advice



Now your thread is now stuck with these 3 lads drumming, sleeping and well, lavatoring.

As a very old or very young 43, the only worthwhile advice I can give you is this -

stop looking! As in stop looking for things to do.

My hubby is probably better qualified to write here, but he's not registered on SFN so you're stuck with me. We moved here last summer, after him having left quite a stressful and international position. Took him a few months to get it "out of his system" - that is - the stress that isn't his own.

He is now happily busying himself with the things he loves doing - tinkering with bikes, cooking, swimming, travelling, and lately skiing.

I implore you to consider these activities and the ones you love - woodturning etc - not as just hobbies you do outside of work, but the activities that make you most happy - so why wouldn't you love doing them more?

I understand you are village living in France, but there is lots you can occupy yourself with even when you don't have a workshop.

Be open to all possibilities, and once your head starts losing the work stuff, you will have more space for the good stuff. Yeah baby!

Bon courage

You looking fer trouble mate? I've already been down the mine 14 hours, cleaned 32 goats' teeth with a single stick, swam the Atlantic and back and annoyed her indoors twice (very easy that one), now for today's slice of two week old bread with my gruel.

:-) & you get off the throne, you've been there long enough to cr*p for England!

Stop pretending to play the drums, Vic, and you, Brian, get out of your kip!!

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"Arguments"? I remember you saying you only have "robust" discussions ;-) Wanna argue about it???

Watch the discussions, debates and outright arguments between Vic and I ;-)

I don't think anybody can advise you. personally I love retirement, the only problem being you never get a day off!