How flexible are the categories of the auto/micro-entreprise?

My apologies if this has already been asked before, it concerns the categories of an auto/micro-entreprise. I am about to set myself up as a proof-reader/text-editer but someone has now offered me some work from the UK but it’s more admin/Excel based. I’m wondering, how can I set myself up to include this type of work as part of my business? I guess what I’m asking is, are the categories for the auto-entreprise flexible? Can you choose a primary and secondary activity? Have any of you had a similar experience?

Yes you can put down 2 ‘activities’ especially when they are quite similar as yours are.

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That’s what I thought but are the ‘activities’ pre-defined or can I determine them myself e.g. administrative assistant and communications specialist. The reason for having such broad terms is because I’d like to cover all bases i.e. admin work, proof-reading and also English tutoring.

Tory’s already answered but just to back her up… don’t lose any sleep over it, I used to be a translator, proof-reader and languages teacher, I think teaching was the code I had (I’m going back 9 years now and registered in 2009 when the scheme started so can’t remember) but as long as everything’s above board they’ve got other things far more important to worry about! :wink:

I understand it’s just I know how the French like to dot the i’s and that once you define your activity, it’s not possible to change it :wink:

It is possible to add further activities later, but there is a cost.

This is one point in the bureaucracy on which I was quite relaxed. When I set up my AE, I think INSEE got confused by my job description and put my NAF/APE code as 9003B ‘other artistic creation’.

I do diverse activities in the pharmaceutical industry: writing, research. project managing, advising etc…

I looked up if this was important, and I got the impression from the AE help sites that it only matters to me and my clients if we have a dispute and need to go to an Obudsman (un prudhomme), because they are selected depending on the work category. As I saw this as a small risk, I didn’t bother trying to update it.

Is my trust misplaced, I wonder now?


Are you sure re the cost? Because both of us have added numerous activities over the years and never incurred any costs?