How has Brexit Harmed you?

Once I’ve got my bike licence (once I’ve renewed my UK driving licence) I’d like to pick up a Honda Rebel… I quite the look of it in red. Maybe switch out the exhaust for a Vance and Hines one too.


There’s almost nothing to be bothered with. My TV (2019/20 model) came with VPN Surfshark as one of the bundled apps.

I opened S/shark, logged in to my (existing) a/c - <US $3 p.m.) and that was it. Nothing more to do to watch UK territorially restricted progs.

Even when I unplug the TV if going away, when power restored allis as before without further ado.

Hi Susannah. My lad stayed in backpacker hostels. They’re very social places, as all the kids are in the same boat. It is an expensive country, but the minimum wage is high and there was plenty of work when he went. He did have to have some money in the bank when he arrived, I think two grand maybe, but it was a while ago. It was the under 30 one-year visa, which gave him the right to work.

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That was probably connected to the scheme where young people can stay for a second year if they work in government approved sectors, such as farming or mining. Unscrupulous operators took advantage and set up schemes where kids worked for very little and / or paid a big placement fees, just to get their visa. My lad found farm work privately through a small ad and was treated like a king (although I worried a bit until he told me hd was safe and well!).


A pretty comprehensive list of the impact of Brexit… Over 1000 downsides and counting.

My French partner and I are now ‘stuck’ in France thanks to Brexshit. We can no longer live in the UK as she does not have a British passport and we cannot live anywhere else in the EU as I don’t have a French (EU) passport.