How long for social security with auto-entrepreneur application

Hi Guys

I applied and received my auto-entrepreneur status but was wondering how long it takes to receive my social security number. I think it's with URSSAF - should I be able to call them and ask them for my number and I guess I should ask a French speaking friend to call on my behalf?

I received confirmation on the 20th of June 2012 of my auto-entrepreneur status and wondered how long it normally takes to receive the social security registration.



Tony, join the AE group, then take a deep breath before sifting through and finding every single answer you might need. There is no golden rule. My OH and I were done and suted in weeks, including Carte Vitale, read Sheila's rocky road to acheiving that and you get the other extreme. We still have a couple of things unresolved, but that is CAF if you happen to have children. If somebody at URSSAF, RSI or whosoever said 'Rub Alladin's magic lamp to get your answer' I would not be surprised!

A quote from Spike Milligan: 'Bureaucracy was the counterpart of cancer, it grew bigger and destroyed everything except itself.'

There you have France summarised perfectly as far as bureaucracy goes.

Hi Tony. I suspect it all depends on which departement/region you are in. I registered on line on 1st June but it was six weeks before I got confirmation of my social security number. I started a discussion re problems with URSSAF, RSI, etc. Some of the replies might be of use if you trawl through all the responses:

Thanks Paul

Will look through my paperwork again.



My partner joined the auto entrepeneur scheme on 20 June. He has had a wedge of correspondence from RSI and which includes his social security number. Not got a carte vital yet but got the number.