How long is a piece of string?

Hi Everyone

I know that I am probably asking a well worn question, but here goes! lol

I emailed my notaire recently but have not as yet received an answer.

Being someone that hits everything at a hundred miles an hour, I am hoping that some of you lovely peeps may have some sort of answers ....???

I have 2 pieces of agricultural land both in joint names, (one with ex and other with ex and a friend)

I am no looking at buying a property and need to sell my portions of land.

I vaguely remember reading somewhere that I need to give the other names notice of my intention and I can force the sale of the land if they can not buy me out.

But is there a time limit on how long they can take if they buy me out?

I don't want this to be going on for months, in case I miss out on the house.

Any answers greatly recieved