How long to exchange UK for Frence driving licence?

Its been 2 months, how many more before I give up and try again?

Start worrying after at least six or seven months.

Took me 5 months from start to finish. Just when you think they have lost your dossier or forgotten about you it will be done. As David said you should give it another few months before you start worrying.

Took about an hour (a while ago) at Vannes, they gave me a temp’ document, then about a month 'til the actual licence arrived, but things may have changed, as they do :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Now done centrally at Nantes-hence the long waits.

Thank goodness we did it before it was computerised.

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My U.K. licence doesn’t expire until 2023. I’ve got plenty of time for the paperwork to go through.

Brexit? :thinking:

I’ve got to because I have points to lose.

Lost my first Point on my French licence last year Pat’, (first one on any licence :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) but, hands up I was doing 94kph. Have the point back now, been a good lad since :grin:

Brexit won’t make any difference.

I got a congratulatory letter from the Ministry when my point was restored, Bill. My butler brought it on a silver tray to our drawing room. I knew it was a special missive from the Quai d’Orsay or some other of the higher reaches, because my run-of-the mill mail is brought by an anonymous footman in a powdered wig.

Did you get the same letter, Bill? These little touches do sweeten la vie française so, don’t you know? :grin:

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:rofl: I recieved the same communication Peter, very decent to let me know that neither my licence nor my character were no longer ‘blotted’.
Didn’t actually mention characters, but I felt it inferred that :+1:

I applied last December ! we have now received the form to send the original licence to Nantes , which I did about a month ago. Still no French licence in the post. Scary as my husband needs his licence to hire a car.

We went our applications off so long ago I can’t remember when! Last year I think. Decided to wait until someone contacts us as we still have our UK plastic card originals and valid until about 2023! If we get stopped by police, we will explain and if necessary reapply. (And ask for recorded delivery next time!)

I sent my licence off in March 2018 and just got back the dossier with a covering letter detailing what circumstances I needed to exchange my UK licence - one of those (needing to deduct points) applied.

So nearly 2 years! COVID19 notwithstanding I’m off to Australia asap anyway.

I sent off my licence in April 2018, and have just got back the attestation and request to send in actual licence so they can send the French replacement. Yahay, only two years!

Of course with post being what it is at the moment it could well take another 6 months to get the physical licence…

Me too, except a month earlier in both cases. Remarkable especially since I actually had points to deal with.

Because I was due to emigrate to Australia early march I just ignored it. But, still here, for the duration.