How long will it last? Read this, it’s long and complicated

I may be wrong about that, in which case I apologise unreservedly to you and Mr Puyeo. I have looked at so many of these publications that I may have confused it with another that had a front page illustration with garish colours and staring demonic eyes.

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Nobody’s turning any corner IMO Mike. This s only the beginning. Macron has acted decisively thank goodness, as has Ireland . Johnson has fu*ked the UK.

Paul, the time for pussyfooting is past. London is fu*ked. And it didn’t need to be this way. Those responsible for the prevarication should be lynched, and I don"t mean metaphorically.

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And what’s your point Bob?

BTW, don’t piss me off with any whataboutery :flushed:

Here is a machine translation from the the scientist who compiles the Italian statistics. Normally very cautious, this is what he said 4 days ago. Their numbers show further reduction in positive tests since then.

Update data on March 23th. There is a descending phase in the new cases but it’s still early to tell if we really have a real drop. We’ll probably have to wait until the end of this week to say something. We also need to consider that even if there was a drop, it was achieved in the condition in which we are all at home. What does this mean? A decrease in new cases doesn’t mean we will immediately be free to start moving where we want because if so, we could have a new increase in infections. When will we be free? The government will have to decide and it’s very difficult to know exactly what to do but we will make it!

I really, really hope the scientist is right Mike. Lombardy has been through hell. However I am very angry
about the lack leadership in the UK. I may start a separate thread to get that off my chest.

Oh joy, yet another thread slagging off the UK.

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Don’t think anyone is slagging off the UK, it’s just the rich, lying idiots running things.
Lets have everyone out on their doorsteps giving a cheer for the NHS. Creating a bit of blitz spirit is so much easier than actually giving them the kit they desperately need.
Boris is looking decidedly smug about his coronavirus, a real man of the people!


Slightly off topic maybe but this is the advice being given to NHS staff - I got this separately from friends at St George’s London and at The Princess of Wales Hospital Coronavirus (covid-19).pdf.pdf.pdf (1).pdf (113.4 KB)

Who’s slagging off the UK Tim? How would you rate Johnson’s performance as a leader in this time of crisis?

This is the same advice that has been discredited as fake news on another thread. Sorry about this. A friend forwarded this to me recently and it also apparently came from St George’s.


I think the argument ( or strategy ), employed to help deal with the possible numbers is pretty good. The debate of when measures should have been taken, would depend on your life’s priorities. Health or Wealth. So many were opposed to the closure of schools, then small businesses, putting their own situations above the country’s health as a whole. To those still travelling on London’s tubes. A sad state of times in which we live.
People still think the UK will get away with it…
Should have started this isolation 3 weeks ago minimum. Mandatory, not just asking for it.

The reason being, the virus is being passed from person to person undetectable. The government knew they were not going to test people properly because they did not, and still don’t, have adequate resources in material or manpower - they knew it.
The mere fact that they knew they could not test, should have made their alarm bells ring all around Westminster for days.
How about this, from a Science journal. A report that regarding the infected numbers in Wuhan, states that 86% of infected cases were never reported !! So if you think you know the numbers out there according to the BBC, French websites etc etc, think again.

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It’s not even a Blitz spirit Mike, it is more akin to cheering off the tommies to be slaughtered in the Somme, Passchendaele, etc. Virus fodder.
Did you see Priti Patel Skyping into Ch 4 news last night. Judging by the quality of the link she’s a long, long way from London. The police have no idea what an “essential trip” is, nor do citizens. I didn’t see BBC news or Ch 4 pay any attention to Boris’s daily session. I watched it, he’s completely lost the plot and as for the two “experts” beside him… Where’s Ress-Mogg now or any of the other bombastic louts in the European Research Group? We’re all in this together… let’s wait and see how many of them end up in ExCeL. Cummimgs is obviously working behind the scenes writing slogans for the podium.

Cometh the hour… cometh the hand waving clown. Who now has tested positive himself.


Yes, it’s rubbish.

Just heard "Driving forward the response. . . "
I could write those. Do you think there’s money in it?

How about “taking back control”? That has a certain ring to it. Or £350M a week to the NHS? that might be a good move now.

But, fair play, sometimes the people we admire get it wrong.
It was a long time ago, but will be forever seared into my brain. Tony Benn singing the praises of our nuclear future - “Too cheap to meter!”

Well this came to me from a surgeon friend in Carlisle (who now has unfortunately tested +ve) and my sister in law who worked at St. George’s

George Topp.