How many British in France?

Nah, let 'em be. Much worse things to worry about. They’re spending in the local bricos, tabacs and restos - that’s something. 'tis the other end of the scale that concerns me.

If needs, console yourself; if you don’t secure your base the house will fall. Maybe not today but one day.

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I’m normally placid and gentle… but I did draw the line at being so nice (just the once), when a Brit (someone I know, but not a friend :wink: :roll_eyes: )
tried to sell one of his suspect-cars to a very good French friend of mine.

They’re both grownups… so it’s up to them… but I made it quite clear what I thought of the scrapheap (which has not seen a MOT/CT or mechanic in 10 years or more) masquerading as a “nice little runner”…
The only way that heap will run is if it grows legs and a good pair of feet… :rofl:
I know most of the faults and have advised my very good friend to check, very thoroughly that the remedial work has actually been done… and done properly.


Ouch, 10 years no CT/MOT​:flushed::flushed::flushed: but how on earth can someone drive around freely in that! This is certainly opening my eyes :flushed::flushed::flushed:

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None that I can see. The unpaid taxes and registration fees recouped probably wouldn’t cover the cost of the exercise.

Wait until the property is sold… CGT might still be applied to 2nd homes… maybe…

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considerable funds are already flowing into the coffers, due to careful scrutiny of “dodgers” of all nationalities.

(and I did read somewhere about the huge sums paid out to fraudulent claims for the various “aids” during covid and before… now being hotly pursued…but that article has vanished into the ether…)