How many of us could be Covid-19 carriers?

I have a confession to make.

I can’t be sure, but I think it possible that I may have been infected.

About three weeks ago, around the time I drove my wife to Brest to catch her plane to UK, I began to feel ill. I’ve had ‘rhume-y’ symptoms for months, and put it down to my age (81) and raised susceptibility, but this feeling was worse.

I began to feel very, very fatigued, and had to retire to bed during the day, just flopping down on the bed fully-clothed and pulling the covers over me to fall into an exhausted sleep. When I woke I felt disoriented and dizzy, my head felt full of sand. I haven’t taken any alcohol for weeks. I also developed chilblains on my knuckles and ears.

A few days later I walked to town to do a little shopping. On the way I felt very leaden-footed and short of breath, but I persevered. I did think perhaps I was going to die. When I got home I went to bed.

Later that week I noticed that I had developed oedema in my feet. I tested the puffiness by applying finger pressure to the dwelling and noticed that it left a clear indentation. This can be a sign of incipient heart failure. I thought of visiting my MT but decided not to, as I had a routine 3 monthly RDV in ten days time. I noticed also that I had a raised pulse, and was conscious when lying supine that I was conscious of my heart pumping, as if I had been running. I took my BP which was moderately raised, the systolic pressure 140 mm/HG. This didn’t concern me as my BP is labile but generally within the normal range when I relax.

I developed itchy eyes, but no noticeable cough or fever. However the fatigue and malaise was very pronounced, and I had very little energy, and my head felt thick and worryingly ‘wrong’. I continued to think that I might be nearing my death, but was not worried at the prospect.

Over the last ten days or so I have felt better, and have been able to enjoy cycling to town and doing some digging in the garden. The oedema has disappeared and my breathing is easy. I still have periods of sudden fatigue but they are less incapacitating than they were before.

I think I may have had Covid 19, but have not said anything to my MT whom I met very briefly to renew my prescription for antidepressant pills which I have taken for nearly 20 years and can’t come off, though I’ve tried. My MT advises me not to try, but fear they may be rotting my brain.

Has anyone else had symptoms attributable to Covid 19? I think they may not be as pronounced or consistent as is sometimes suggested. BTW I have self isolated but have worn a visor and sanitised my hands when visiting the local shops. I carry my own small flask of bactericidal/viricidal gel for the purpose.
I think my widower neighbour has had similar symptoms at around the same time. He has had a chronic cough since mid January, and fatigue too. We have spent a lot of time in each others’ company over the winter months, but my wife has mainly overwintered in UK, and has not reported Covid symptoms, but she wouldn’t anyway, knowing I was powerless to help. She is 100% pragmatic and not sentimental like that.

I am sorry to read you have been feeling unwell. I can’t answer your question. I do know it is impossible to read about Covid-19 and not suspect that one may have some kind of form of it. The symptoms seem so varied.


Wow @Peter_Goble you didn’t mention you were having problems other than indicating you were tired following the excessive driving.

It does seem however with your detailed self diagnosis/analysis you may be able to school your MT!

As always I am staggered with your relaxed attitude towards death.

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You’re always very affirming Mat and your kindness is a great boon to me. I think most experienced nurses and doctors lose any fear they had of death as their acquaintance with the death of others deepens. And ageing helps too. Dying young is cruel.

I also followed the Buddhist path for 40 years, which is a training in equanimity and generous acceptance of what comes, whatever it may be, wherever it leads. I am not religious in the conventional sense, but think that religion is not inherently bad or wrong, it’s a universal impulse to uncover meaning in the mystery of being.

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Look at the Guardian website for symptoms to watch for Peter. My read is you need a fever and a dry cough to be in Covid territory. My other interpretation is that the sooner you seek medial attention the better your chance of survival (eg the idiot Charles, Hancock, Bojo, et al). Good luck Peter.

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Thanks @John_Scully, I shall keep an open mind and a watching brief. It seems that a lot of locals are avoiding the local doctor’s cabinet, the waiting room is very small! I don’t think there’s a lot she can offer by way of treatment, and there don’t seem to be any tests available either.

The latest data suggests that up to 50% of those who test positive are asymptomatic anyway, and the clinical features of the developed infection are varied, but extreme fatigue is prominent. I would think that an early return to front-line work for those in recovery would be ill-advised, as viral infections are often followed by long periods of general debility, and not uncommonly reactive depression.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Johnson and Hancock succumbed to some health complication in the not-too-distant future, their return to ‘work’ is premature IMO, and their reasons for doing so is more hubris and fear of losing face than any use they are going to be to the nation.

How’s your sense of smell and taste? The two people I know who have had likely Covid (no tests, so no guarantees) both report a loss of both senses which is slow to return. Both felt extreme fatigue, one had a fever and no cough, the other had cough and no high fever. Neither have reached your collection of years…but are of a certain maturity.

I think it is a bit like collecting cigarette cards, there’s a wide range of symptoms and it’s chance as to which ones are in your packet.

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The loss of smell and or taste are becoming more and more recognised as symptoms

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It’s difficult to judge. My sense of taste and smell have definitely fallen off but it’s been a very gradual process over maybe ten years or so as I’ve aged, but (I think) more noticeable recently. But that could just be because my attention has been drawn to the loss by the Covid business.

Also, I’m cooking for myself these last few months. I’ve used black pepper pretty liberally in recent years which is a pointer to loss of taste. Goodness, I’m beginning to feel like a specimen, but quite liking it.:+1:

Go on, give me another poke! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::hugs:

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I guess you could have become infected when you visited the airport. I suspect those places are even more dangerous than doctor’s waiting rooms. Is it still de rigeur to kiss and shake hands with all the other patients?
I wonder if you have accidentally made a medical breakthrough. Could it be that the pills you are taking mitigate the effects of the virus? We may never know.

Good morning All, I hope you are feeling more human now Peter.
It is interesting how a small thing can take the mind over during such times as these. ( not yours Peter, but generalising).
I was myself trying to think of the odd “ills” that had befallen me, since the start of the year.
January. A nasty sore throat, that would normally end up with a good cold; but that was it nothing else. First time ever.
February. Some 2 weeks of odd gut problems, from a bit of constipation, to a bit of bloatiness/gas, and stomach churning during the night, finally had a phone call with the doc, and seemed to think a flora problem gut imbalance which made sense. I have been taking yakult which seems to have helped.
March. A couple of times when out for a walk over a week, had a tightness of chest, nothing major, but enough to make me notice. Then fine.
March. Middle of month, a couple of times felt flushed, lasted for an hour on different days; then fine nothing.
Maybe there have been instances around that have been very mild, who knows.

As regards symptoms, there have been all sorts quoted.
Persistent cough
loss of smell/taste
chest pain
hoarse voice
digestive problems, diarrhoea, nausea.

The longer to keep it at bay hopefully the better chance we all have :smiley:

And reactive arthritis after viral illnesses, particularly in men 20-55. Which is really no fun whatsoever, and can last 18months.

Peter, so sorry to hear that you had been so poorly :slightly_frowning_face: but happy to know you have made a good recovery :grin::pray:
Bon courage :hugs::hugs:

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l left a note in the waiting area, saying that l was waiting outside, and my MT did the consultation in the sunny car park! My only outing for over three weeks; still eating well out of store cupboard and freezer. Turns out you can use beer instead of milk for making bread!

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Our doctor is/was giving the vulnerable the early RDV"s.