How much further can we go?

I popped into the shop today and was confronted by the newspaper stand displaying front page photos of Michael Jacksons dead body. I then switch on the radio and they are discussing the pop star Rhianna who was chucked off a field in Ireland yesterday as she was filming her new video without very much on.

Where is all this going, when did it become acceptable for an image of a dead man to be splashed over the front pages of the newspapers? Am I being to soft or is it a line that should not be crossed, what next, a photo of a car crash victim.

Why do pop stars feel the needgyraterate around a field in their underwear (at one powhippingping off their bra) just to sell a video. I though women burned their bras and fought long and hard to be treated as equals and now they happily use their bodies.

What a morning, now where did I put my slippers?.

My daughter loves music & music videos but I often have to turn them off because of the lurid dancing or gesticulating that is going on during daytime broadcasts. I know Mr Cameron has banned his kids from watching music channels. It’s a shame that they think they can’t sell their music without clean or cleverly made videos.

I now have concert DVDs e.g. Take That which she can watch happily, bop along to without her growing up thinking that if she wants to dance she needs to do so in her nappy & not a lot else!

Too True Jane!

This syndrome equates to its OK to spend a fortune on a season ticket for the football but if you are a member of a polo club you are a snob. For everyone’s information it cost me £50.00 to be a social member of Cirencester Polo Club and I could go to matches four or five times a week, take my car and park next to the pitch and take a guest.This was for a season from the end of April to the beginning of September.
This is also the syndrome that says it is ok to pay footballers a huge amount of money but decries the salaries of chief executives that provide work for their staff and provides their investors with a decent return on their money. For those about to take up their keyboards I do not agree with paying boards who do not make a profit and then take a golden goodbye. I know that the music industry makes a huge amount of money for the UK, but, along with football, it is a sub-culture that I do not understand and seems to have its own values that do not equate to anything that I find acceptable.