How the "quote" function operates

Hi Cat and James,
I’ve tried to quote a few times this morning, it inserts correctly in my reply with the correct [quote] etc but then when I press submit it briefly flashes up and then posts without the quote.

Works for me :wink:
Firefox 80.0 Ubuntu 64 bit
@james @cat

Firefox here too. Linux mint.


How weird! It was only on the pork thread now I think of it! I’ll go and try again!

Is it when you quote a whole post? Because that happens unless you modify it in some way by eg inserting a full stop at the end or adding a space in the middle, very irritating. And you get the little orange edit pen icon popping up too.

Ahhhh testing maybe this?

Thanks Véro it is indeed this, I hadnt’ noticed the orange pencil or I would have had my explanation!

Ignore me Cat and James!


I’m also of the opinion that this is annoying - I quite often want to include the post to make it clear that I am replying to a previous point rather than just adding a general comment and remembering to edit it sufficiently to make Discourse leave it in place is a pain

@james - can this behaviour be switched off?

I don’t seem to have this problem and seem unable to replicate it :thinking:

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I quoted your post and am expecting the quoted text to disappear as there have been no intervening posts, check the edit history.

EDIT: Yes, it did - click on the orange pencil above right of the post (opposite the avatar) to see what happened.

Snapshot of the edit history from the above post


I’m trying it now

Just a thought…
If one is replying directly to the previous poster… then perhaps the computer thinks to Quote the whole previous post is not necessary… ???

quoting whole post test

here’s another go

nope… can’t replicate the problem some are having… over and out.

Testing your theory

I can’t replicate that. I can copy and quote the entire post but that may be due to my admin priv.

Can you try it again please?