How to avoid being 1 Click Away from Losing your Biggest Sale


Today many companies have a social media marketing strategy. They have a fan page, LinkedIn company page and a twitter account.

They grow their fans and followers and it all seems great. But they do not think about who ‘unliked’ and ‘unfollowed’ them although one of the ‘unlikes’ or ‘unfollowers’ could have been their biggest opportunity.

Goals For This Post

  • To let you know about the most efficient way to minimise your ‘unlikes’ and ‘unfollowers’

Think about why you ‘unlike’ or ‘unfollow’ a company or person. In the majority of the cases it is because their content is abysmal and the quality is even worse. In some case it is because they never communicate with you but that is harder to notice unless you make a conscious effort to weed out who you have liked and followed.

Sometimes they leave because you overwhelm them with communication and they fill up your inbox and news feeds preventing you from identifying information which is relevant to growing your business.

It does not matter if your communication contains high quality and good content if it is not read. So to get people to read your communication you need a good headline. A good headline can significantly increase the number of people who is actually going to read what you communicate to them.

Think about how easily you ‘unlike’ or ‘unfollow’ somebody. As the number of communications you receive increase dramatically you will have to think about who not to ‘like’ or ‘follow’. Your potential customers will have to do exactly the same.

So spend some time thinking about how to provide good quality content so you do not become an ‘uniked’ or ‘unfollowed’ and perhaps lose your biggest sale opportunity ever.