How to build a web site

It's been a while since I've created a new website, but I have the task of building one for my wife's business and so I am looking around to see what tools are currently available.

It will need to be;

easily and quickly editable.

Unique in appearance.

Not Flash based.

Not branded with any software providers logo.

I'm more than happy to use a content management system.

I already have my own web space, domain name etc.

So what did you use to build your site? And what can you recommend I look at?



James I have an ebook on Drupal and possible Joomla if you need them. Let me know.

Im working on a Joomla site in my spare time.It's for my GRABART project.

I havn't got any further than getting annoyed with myself for not being able to get my head around it though..when I manage to work out what the question is I'll ask you!

Thanks to everyone for your input, I've decided to go with Drupal or Joomla for Catharine's site.

This looks like the best option so far Nick, any preference between Drupal or Joomla?



My two favourites at the moment for really easy content management are Drupal or Joomla. Very easy to use, so once set up , your better half can look after it herself

Google also offer a free web site builder, but it's not as complete as the two previosuly mentioned



I recently bought for 28 dollars a set of programmes, which included something they call the Dreamweaver Killer, You can drag anything wisiwig into the canvas, click and it gives you the source code, just then drag in the functionality you need, scrollers, css etc, click back and its live.

Wordpress must be the easiest to set up, plenty of themes around for free

I'm perhaps not the expert you need James, but there are plenty of new XHTML templates available, stunning stuff for FREE. Some lovely ones too ad free, expandable, both wisiwig and code, I don't see the point in starting from scratch,

Single user costs for a site/blog no more than 30 bucks.