How to Calculate the distance & New Attestation link

I think that the site might be suffering from too much traffic at times. After I posted it on here I tried it and it wouldn’t work, I got an error message saying that I’d not given my address correctly despite it being exactly as I’d done it before, (one click when offered on my spellcheck bar). I wasn’t worried because I already have a screenshot from a previous time. A day later I opened the tab and the map with my 100km diameter circle was there, so much for the error message! It looks as though sometimes patience might be required.

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Just because you can go 100 km doesn’t mean that you have to go 100 km, still better to respect rules and stay in places closer to home that you know don’t get loads of people all wanting to be there.


Oh contraire Barrie, some of us need to get out more. :grinning:


Absolutely agree with you, Barrie.

It was also interesting to use the 1km measure… to see just where I am actually allowed to walk to at this moment in time… :upside_down_face: seems I’ve not been taking full advantage of my daily “allowance” :smile:

It’s swings and roundabouts… of course… in a way, I’m longing to see friends and just “spread my wings”… but am anxious not to actually sprout any… :smile: :crazy_face:


I found geoportail too complicated, so I use this one for 1km and 100km


I found the 1km radius map far more useful than the 100km one as I was far more likely to exceed the limit on my familiar walks around the block. There is only one reason that I will be going anywhere near the 100km limit and that won’t involve seeing any people. Unfortunately at the moment my destination still remains out of bounds even though it is just within 100km and unless the legislation is changed going there will prove to be a wasted journey.

Why not use Google earth?
There is a simple tool that measures distance from your home.


Hadn’t thought of GE for the radius… good idea !

I’ll have a go…

There is a slight issue in that you can go up to 100km but there will be next to nothing to visit when you are there other than friends.

Restaurants/Cafes/Bars remain closed.

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Google maps and other online mapping apps give the crew’s flight distance to any destination you search for. The system Stella posted is useful because it gives you an instant picture of your limits. Lifting the 1km boundary will make a huge difference to my life as it will allow me to do the simple outdoor pursuits that were one of the main reasons that I chose to live where I live. I doubt that I will have any more contact with other people than I’ve had for weeks but it will be lovely to do proper walks and cycle rides not just the repetitive walks within a km of my house.

ha ha…now I know why not… in my case… :roll_eyes:

Seems I am using a “new/experimental” version of Google Earth and it requires me/instructs me… to shut down my other web pages because it can’t open properly… dratted nuisance but that’s it.

Just as easy, if not easier, to use Google Map which gives distance in KM between locations.


On a computer with a nice big screen, Google Earth Pro will do it. It’s best to first zoom in and mark your starting point by dropping a pin on it. Then zoom out roughly to where you estimate the circle of 100km is likely to be. Then click on the ruler at the top which wil open a small box where you need ‘Mouse navigation’ ticked in order to be able to move the map. Select ‘circle’ and ‘kilometres’. Then turn mouse navigation off, put the mouse over your start point pin and pull outwards until you get a 100km circle. Tricky with a phone I guess but in any case I prefer my computer screen to a fiddly phone. I also have a paper map now sporting a large roughly pencilled 10km circle.

of course, it all depends on that info one is looking for…

many folk are interested to see just how many places… and … what is included in the 100km radius…

and the equipment one has at one’s disposal…

The link that Jane posted yesterday is so easy to use and clear to read I can’t believe that people are offering complicated alternatives to use instead.


100 kms. Great, that means I get to go to the beach (as long as it’s one of the beaches being authorised.) :sunglasses:

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ha ha… David… believe it… folk are all different… :joy:

100km gives us a great choice (if we wished to)…but, sadly… not the beach…

Mind you… from what I was reading… beaches will be for solo-sports only… ???

Looks like I’ll be taking up a new sport / hobby then, although hopefully swimming counts…thanks for the heads up Stella. :swimming_woman:

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