How to: create a micro-enterprise and tax implications

yup still waiting for our carte vitales from RSI 18m and tens of phone calls & broken promises later…

100% agree there !

I think there has been a bit of confusion over tax. In France it is not the tax man you need to be afraid of (for micro entreprise) but the RSI who are resposible for social charges. Head over to Valeries site at for the most up to date accurate information.
The tax man always gives us money back too but the RSI are an absolute nightmare and if you live in the sticks like we do you have to deal with it all the phone - if you can ever get through that is.

Thanks Jeanette. I need to choose the best option

thanks for your info

Go for the auto entrepreneur set up (if it’s just you) - everything is based on turn over and “normally” there’s no taxe professionnelle to pay for the first three years but that’s in discussion at the moment as AE are the only ones to get out of it. stops you having ot pay huge charges sociales from the word go too but check the list of jobs you can do under this set up:

government site :

I’ve been an auto entrepreneur for the last 2 years - no tax bombs - plenty of scares as they sent me tax bombs I would have had to pay under the normal/old system of being freelance/indépendant but once you point out that you don’t have to pay, they agree and things are ok again !

there are loads of threads on this site about AEs

bonne chance !

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