How to Deal with a Bodger


Any advice! I unfortunately commissioned a Brit living over here to carry some work for a new bathroom, tiles toilet shower bath etc Lots of good words as to his experience etc worked on the Chateau etc. To cut a long story short I Gave him 50% up front . Watched him start work with his helper tweedle dee, left them to it. Came back at the end of the week to be told almost finished; It was a bit difficult to see everything as the walls were still covered in grout residue etc. anyway given an assurance that was all in order I settled the account....A month later I return to my house to find half eaten rotting food on the table, lights left on (No power turned off). All the rubbish left in my barn and in the yard. The tiles had been cut in the house without the use of a dust sheet...bedrooms full of tile dust (not just a gentle dusting)

AnywayI I spoke to my local Marie who asked a master carrelair (Limoge) to inspect the work...A complex report that highlighted Sub standard grout had been used, tiles had not been cut to fit around the air-vents. Tiles above the door not grouted., tiles behind the toilet by the S bend not cut to shape. Tiles not even fitted in one area. All in all he says the work " Skill level" is substandard, plumbing, tiling are both substandard and electrics dangerous.."desolee" dangerous electrics later confirmed by a French certified electrician

It was doubted that such a person who carried out the work had received professional training-certification. Cut a long story short the Bodger concerned has refused to come back and talk to the Master Carrelair with a view to putting Right. MY notaire says we Name and Shame and go to court and put him and his assistant him into bankruptcy (legal costs alone are enormous)...and advises that the impots tax people be brought in as there appears to be no Siret No on the Devi..which he says is not a Devi by any stretch of the imagination. There was mention that one of the French TV stations is looking to do a programme on Imported Bodgers..similar to UK Rogue traders. If this goes the way the French want it to go it may well destroy these men, their families and lives In France. Incidentally the Bodger feels that my Notaire, Master Carrelaire and myself are not being "mature" about resolution. Excuse my "shorthand"

Any views? I cannot be the first victim of these people!

The Bodger is still trading with small ads in BRIT Newspapers but has pulled down his web site.

Can't offer any advice, except to say sorry this has happened to you. I suppose you could approach the matter by getting an estimate done of what it will take to put right, and has any damage been done to any part of your property. What if, for example, a member of your family suffered from asthma - all that dust that has no doubt made its way into every nook and cranny could have a serious impact on an asthma sufferer's health. Have any appliances been damaged by the dust, etc.

Is the nationality of this person relevant? He is a rogue trader one way or the other. What has he offered to do to rectify the situation. Before you name and shame, what has been done to allow him to rectify?

Good luck with this situation, and do let us know how you get on.