How to embarrass your kids

What NOT to do

Watching this as it's trending currently, it got me thinking what should you avoid doing as a parent to NOT embarrass your kids?

1. Don't sing in front of them (even if you think you have a good voice)

2. Don't dress the same as them...oh ok you can wear Uggs & Levis but that really is the limit.

3. Don't try to engage their friends about their favourite bands

4. Don't talk about how things are different now to 'when you were young'

5. Don't try to use their lingo - try this test: pimp your vocab

I know you parents out there with ados must have a whole list of how to embarrass your what else should I avoid doing?

ah luckily my brother has no knowledge of my best that's another matter! Oh and of course the photos!

The golden technique here is to invite my sister. Because I am nearly 64 the girls think I have only ever been boring. My sister is six years younger than me but 'shadowed' a lot of my youth and then married somebody who had been from my crowd pre-uni. They listen to stories utterly gob-smacked. For roughly two minutes I hold hero status, then they tell me how boring I am now...

I was curious about whether I would ever tell my kids about my nights out at Ministry or partying in Ibiza - nevermind Darren's falling asleep on a train so drunk he had no idea where he was so he slept on a bench at Salisbury Train Station...or his Greek Lads holidays. No I don't need to worry about all that...according to THE RULES...we don't share! Yippee - consider all that well buried under the terracuite (we don't have carpet)

BIG "Like" Judy - I'm laughing my head off.

The 'sex' talk - mine asked what it was I wanted to know.

ha Val - yes I made the mistake of cutting the girls hair - it wasn't straight so I cut a bit more, then a bit more...they both now have bobs. Jasmine cried "where are all my pretty curls" I felt so guilty I said " oh it's nice for you to have short hair like Izzy" I'm now letting it grow and the next time it needs cutting I'll shell out the £15 and take her to a proper hairdressers.

This is so funny!

You are absolutely right Suzanne - certainly don't sing or dance. I do it when listening to the radio in the kitchen and it's an absolute NO.

DON'T tell jokes! My OH always does that mistake and our two HATE it.

Apparently, my own father is much cooler than me, as he chews chewing gum! This is cool! (I'm just far too lazy to keep chewing)

Bug*er, I do all the things Suz and Val say not to do. Kissing in front of school is blatant on my part. Both of my girls say 'loser' a lot. My response is usually: see who loses when you want something, especially dosh!!!!

Don't kiss them hello/goodbye in front of their school mates (mine hasn't got used to the French way yet and thinks it's appalling)

Don't cut their hair yourself unless you are REALLY good.

If they're playing sport, don't stand on the sidelines yelling "Go on my sahn" while waving pompoms.

p.s. One DO - do kick their a** at motor sport games on the Playstation. They HATE it.